Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hare vs. Zinga, Round Two

The 17th district congressional candidates squared off again last night at Western Illinois University in Macomb. This was their first in district debate following a debate recorded for television in Champaign several weeks ago.

One of the interesting things I noticed in the article was this:

A panelist then asked Zinga about her comments last month about racial screenings at airports.

Zinga said last month all Middle Eastern men should get secondary security screenings as they board airplanes.

Her campaign manager said Zinga really meant to say there should be no threat of anti-discrimination legal action against airlines if the pre-screening system to identify problem passengers identifies more than three people from the same ethnic group.

On Wednesday night, Zinga said, "there is nothing racial about it; it's risk profiling."

Regardless of position on the issue, is it politically smart to hold to the position? Would it be more politically savvy to just let it go? Why not stick with the initial response of a goof? It seems like a pretty hard-line position that is stirring up anger in the 17th. Certainly there are supporters of it, but they most likely were voting for her regardless.


Anonymous,  10:57 PM  

It makes sens to profile, all Israeli security including the Chicago counsel say we should do it
If the terrorists are a certain type eg male 18 to 45 Arab Muslim mostly from Gulf State countries than we should "profile"
Zinga makes common sense

Robbie C. 8:11 AM  

anon - I understand your point. And the issue has been thuroughly debated but will probably never be resolved.

The point I was hoping to address is whether or not sticking to the opinion was smart politically? Certainly it plays well with conservative voters, but Zinga needs a lot of independent voters if she expects to win. And it seems to me that this is an issue that can alienate plenty of those needed voters.

Charlie Johnston 10:52 AM  

Hi Robbie,

The goof on this issue was that she initially said "more than two" rather than the accurate "more than three". That was my error. She never spoke about racial profiling.

But despite a lot of media confusion on the issue, people do get it. I was about to release a new poll we had done last week which showed her moving from 13 to 8 points back from August. Independents are moving her way dramatically. They understand exactly what she was talking about and agree with it.

The only reason I have not released the poll after all is that everyone wants to know was it taken before or after the Foley stuff - and it was taken Sept. 27 and 28 - before Foley so we don't know how that is affecting the race. But the security matter has been a big winner among Republicans and independents.

Anonymous,  1:20 PM  

hey CJ!!!

why does AZ censor comments on her website???

can't take a little dose of truth once in a while???

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