Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Update in the 17th

The lifeless race for the 17th CD has at least had a couple noteworthy events to talk about. But first I will bring everyone up to speed by quoting an editorial in my local newspaper yesterday.

Six months ago we thought the race to replace Lane Evans in Congress was going to be one of the most competitive, high profile, big spending campaigns in the country. It has turned out to be anything but, so voters will have to work a little harder to find out about the candidates.
Considering this is an open seat and the control of Congress is up for grabs, voters in the 17th District have to be wondering, "What happened?"

Republican Andrea Zinga and Democrat Phil Hare have generated about as much interest as the start of the professional hockey season. While these two candidates are trying to get the public's attention, they can't. They've hardly generated any interest even among party loyalists.

This race has been uninspiring, that's for sure. The final debate will occur between these two candidates tonight in the Quad Cities. It will be at Augustana College.

Additionally, Zinga missed the FEC filing dealine recently, which has brought more bad publicity to her campaign. There are several good articles floating around but I will once again quote The Galesburg Register Mail

"If Ms. Zinga chooses to keep voters in the dark and either can't or won't follow the campaign finance laws, how can voters reasonably expect her to do better with a congressional office budget or with voting on the U.S. national budget?" Samuels said.


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