Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Gang of four plus one

A comment by Muletown,

Obama, Jackson, Emmanuel, and Rush are in the process of taking over the Democrat Party in Illinois. Jackson will beat Daley the next time around. None of the four have any use for Blagojevich. This is the first public step in the dumping of Blagojevich by the gang of 4 plus Meeks that will keep the African American vote for Blago at a minimum. The Governor is dead!!! Mayor Daley is on life support and the gang of 4 are looking for the plug to the respirator!!!
OK, well, is this such a bad thing? I have no use for Blagojevich; and admit to liking Obama, Jackson, Emanuel, and Rush in the same way I like the seedy side of life in Chicago. I feel at home there. It's real. Blajojevich insults me as a phony. These guys don't. Although if Obama keeps trying to play the family values cards with me he'll cross the line.

So, is this the gang taking over the party? What happened to the Madigans?

As for Daley's plug. The Mayor will always be the example for me of not knowing when to leave on the high note. His will be a tragic story. My Father-in-Law, on the way to Michigan, says south Lake Shore Drive has never looked better. He's right, and it will be sad to see the Mayor go down because I think he's done a lot for Chicago and truly loves the place.


Levois 11:54 PM  

I just have to ask what's wrong with Sen. Obama talking about family values in the black community. I'll admit that I'm not a big fan of his but this is an important issue blacks need to look at. We need the men to step up and help raise the children.

Bill Baar 6:37 AM  

It's an important issue and it's not unique to blacks. He could have (should have) gone to Dupage and said the same thing.

But if Obama had framed family values as an American problem, he would have sounded more like IFI.

So I think that's why he didn't.

Pat Hickey 8:18 AM  

Kid Staples ( having been surgically altered after the lithe Senator Obama's apotheosis at the DNC) has been eclipsed by Obama. The best he can do is hope to re-enact those card-board dummy photos that he litters I-57 with - showing his steely gaze beatifying some candidate in his stable.

Obama is a player - but one who still needs to get his sea-legs.

Speaker Madigan handed Obama several layers of posterior epidermis on the odd occasion to remind the hard working and smart public servant that he is not Oprah - yet.

ArchPundit 9:35 AM  

Emanuel is taking over from the Mayor?

Rush and Obama are now pals?

At what level of fantasy do you lose this much touch with reality?

Anonymous,  9:59 AM  

These four are more like the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Obama has some soul searching on his relationship with Tony Rezko.
Obama can find corruption in Chicago as well as Kenya.

Pat Hickey 10:24 AM  

How about - The Four Lads; The Four Freshmen?

Certainly not the Four Tops - God Bless Levi Stubbs!

Bill Baar 10:39 AM  

Reality can get pretty weird sometimes Arch.

To have him lash out at Blagojevich like this before an election an example.

That's why sometimes it useful to throw these weird scenarios -in this case Muletown's- out there.

Jackson, as far as I can tell, has been a pretty good Rep. I know we set a low bar on that in Illinois, but I think he's been good.

Pat Hickey 10:44 AM  


Kid Staple's a poser, as the young folks say - an empty suit. He can not get his ducks in a row for the 'auxiliary' unnecessary airport in Peotone. The Third Regional Airport is up and running - in Indiana!

He get's more face-time;air-time;print-space than any public official and his south suburban fiefdom is an economic nightmare.

Pretty good?

BuckTurgidson,  12:52 PM  

So let me see if I am getting this.

Some anonymous poster on CapitolFax Blog posits an absolutely asinine theory that is completely unmoored from any semblence of anything that might even be mistaken for reality.

You take it as a legitimate possibility, if not fact.

And now we're discussing the Illinois Democratic Party's takeover by Obama; Rush, who still holds a grudge against Obama; Jackson, who doesn't even kick up his share of campaign dough to the national party, thus offering some alienation from; Emmanuel, who is also a Daley ally, thus further alienating him from Jackson and Rush ...

That about right?

Is this really the makings of the new Illinois Democratic Party, or the plot synopsis to a bad Neal Simon remake ... The Odd Quadrangle?

Bill Baar 1:18 PM  

Pat: Jackson's not fooled by the Gov. That says something about him.

Buck: Someobody's going to take over the Dems. When the party faithful tell me to vote for the top of the ticket because he'll get indicted and a better man will take his place, will; something is going to give.

Why not start the speculation with the four hoursemen; or the Odd Quadrangle if you prefer.

I just assumed it was going to be the Madigans.... but that was speculation too.

Jerry 9:04 AM  

The state, county, and city parties definitely need to be blown up. Blago is a fool, and Daley bending over backwards for any corporation that says "assume the position" is getting tiresome.

But this is a weird combination. Rahm is an asshat who is going to be crowned king in a year that Earl the Goat could win an election in (as long as he's a democratic goat), and Bobby Rush is an old guard, highly corrupt congressman.

On the other hand, I like Obama and Jesse Jr.

Pat Hickey 9:35 AM  

Well said , Jerry. Right up to the last four syllables.

Rahm is part of that 'smarter than God' Progressive' crowd that could not win an election anywhere more than three hundred yards west of Lake Michigan.

Old Bobby is a racists dream - you can not make guys this flawed up. The Rahm crowd backed Minister Rush over Obama in the last Millenium and mocked Obama as a coffee-skinned Mama's Boy - 'Not Street Enough, YO!' When Old Bobby's not dodging the mortgage, he's busy doing nothing all day 24/7 in Congress.

Barack Obama is hard-working public servant being gelded by the Rahm-bats. Some one needs to get the Senator out to some high school football games and take a few trips out to Hines Hospital; stop for ribs at the Twin Anchors; work a shift with TAC boys in Englewood; and stop at Cookie's Lounge at 79th Carpenter for a few with the older folks and skip the contamination sessions with OPRAH - If he starts redfering to himself in the Third Person he's toast.

As for Kid Staples . . . too easy.

Anonymous,  1:01 PM  

"Rahm is part of that 'smarter than God' Progressive' crowd that could not win an election anywhere more than three hundred yards west of Lake Michigan."

Daley won with only the Grant Park vote?

Clinton too?

Pat Hickey 2:09 PM  

Apples and pipe wrenches?

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