Tuesday, October 24, 2006

And the worst sign award of '06 goes to...

Illinois Comptroller Barbie candidate, Carole Pankau!


47th Ward,  7:32 PM  

The "o-l-e" looks sort of like a raised middle finger. Nice touch.

So-Called Austin Mayor 8:46 PM  

I saw one of those earlier today and wondered if the person who designed the "Carole" had ever met or even spoken with the designer of the rest of the sign.

Randall Sherman 9:44 PM  

At least it stands out from the the traditional red or blue campaign signs.

4Piggybanks2 10:15 PM  

The sign is "fluffy" and doesn't speak to business.

If there was a small "i" in the name, you'd almost be expecting the dot to be a smiley face or a heart.

Nice enough as is but not for politics. Respectfully suggest someone should return to the drawing board.

Anonymous,  10:37 PM  

But it matches her bag and shoes.

Anonymous,  10:39 PM  

sort of looks like there could be chocolate in there

Pat Collins 10:52 PM  

It's real sin is that it is hard to read while driving past it.

A GREAT many signs commit that sin!

Bean's, sadly, is very good in that respect. Easy to read "Bean" and "Congress".

Lovie's Leather 11:11 PM  

I know it might seem cheesy... but I think she should have just left her last name out of the sign. I mean, people read it and have no idea how to pronounce it... Pan-Cow. I think "Carole for Comptroller" has a much nicer ring to it... and a magoo yet catchy slogan....

grand old partisan 9:23 AM  


I don't even know where to start with that one.

Bridget 11:25 AM  

I'm not calling her "Barbie". I'm saying that her sign looks Barbie-dollish. Like someone running for the position of "Illinois Comptroller Barbie".

grand old partisan 11:35 AM  

okay, fair enough.

Tessa 1:45 PM  

I noticed this sign, but hardly saw her last name on it. Like an afterthought, "Oh, better put my last name in there".

What I like most is everywhere I see the Republican signs, I see a group for the statewide offices and none for Umholtz. Every office but his. You know, just like they left him off the bus.

cermak_rd 2:21 PM  

"Illinois Comptroller Barbie"? Well it's about time Barbie got a real job rather than hanging out in Malibu or gadding about in princess clothes. But what kind of accessories would come with IL Comp. Barbie or IL Gov. Barbie, for that matter.

Bridget 2:59 PM  

IL Comptroller Barbie would include an autopen to sign checks and gear for a minimum of 5 other runs for office while in office as Comptroller.

IL Gov. Ken would include "real" fluffy hair and a certificate for a cushy government job. Oh, and handcuffs.

NW burbs,  10:30 AM  

IL-Gov Barbie would include a puppy in a purse and a red wig. ;)

Bridget, stop insulting Ken dolls. Ken dolls have 10x the testiculuar virility... double-;)

Anonymous,  8:45 PM  

A buck says she gets a lower percent than Alan Keyes did.

Will she do the worst of all the statewides, or will it be Stu Umholtz, the Repub rumored to be running for A.G.?

NumbersGuy 4:07 PM  

The shade of gold in "Carole" on the sign is nasty as well.

My parents had a '75 Buick Riviera in that color.

I thought I was big stuff taking it out on a date untill she walked out and said, " this car is the same color as baby sh**."

Think Carole's campaign is about as well-received as that Buick.

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