Thursday, October 19, 2006

Rich Whitney: 11.3%

He's into double digits now per Zogby: Blagojevich 47%, JBT 33.2%, and Whitney 11.3%.

A lot of people are going to vote for Whitney without a clue about what he or the Greens stand for, and it seems their best strategy is to keep it that way. Attack the two parties and quit getting so specific in places like here and here.


Anonymous,  6:14 PM  

Oh, I don't know--I think one of the things that people like about Whitney is that he WILL tell you where he stands. He doesn't pander, so even if you don't agree with him on all issues; at least you know he's telling the truth.

Jeff Trigg 7:02 PM  

I guarantee you a lot MORE people will vote for the horrible two without a clue about some of the things they have done, not done, or have been involved in. I'd say a higher percentage of Whitney voters can give specific reasons why they are voting for him than people for the other two candidates.

And "he/she isn't as bad as him/her" isn't a specific reason. Neither is I want a job or want to keep a job. Perhaps that's an unfair assessment Bill. Protest voters are rarely more than 1%, but I'd give you 3% in this race. The other 8% and growing I will bet are voting FOR Whitney.

I also disagree about attacking the two parties. I think more attacks is the last thing voters want.

crash-dev 9:11 PM  




Do we know exactly how Whitney is going to implement any of these values? no, but if these are the values you want your government to have, then vote green.

Bill Baar 9:27 PM  

From the Green platform,

We encourage individuals to act to improve their personal well-being and, at the same time, to enhance ecological balance and social harmony. We seek to join with people and organizations around the world to foster peace, economic justice, and the health of the planet.

And Judy,

I will approach our state’s challenges with the principles my parents taught me and I worked to teach my son: Common Sense. Straight Talk. Hard Work.

See what I mean? Greens start talking about what they believe, and they sound like goofs. (At least to a guy who grow up on Roosevelt Road accross from Parky's Hot Dogs and Carm's Beef).

If they want that 17% share I joined Garp in predicting, they best just keep repeating that the other two candidates are bums and hope no one makes it to their platform.

Anonymous,  11:04 PM  

not happy with the major party candidates? Write in this guy!

Anonymous,  12:00 AM  

Most people are glad that Whitney is discussing issues.

You're comparing party platforms and candidate websites. Let's take a look at the platforms of the two major parties:

"Since the election of 1860. the Republican Party has had a special calling - to advance the founding principles of freedom, opportunity, and limited government and the dignity and worth of every individual. Illinois Republicans have provided critical leadership, to this Country and those causes, from Abraham Lincoln, to Ronald Reagan to J. Dennis Hastart."

Yeah, I think the Republican Party might have changed a bit since 1840.

"We offer not only a new agenda, but also a new approach - a vision of a welcoming society in which all have a place. To all Americans, particularly immigrants and minorities, we send a clear message: this is the party of freedom and progress, and it is your home."

What? Is this the same party that wants to build a wall at our border? Is this the party of McSweeney and his anti-immigrant ads? Real welcoming. Real goofy.

As for the Democrats, they don't actually have a platform on their site. I did find this though:

"Illinois Democrats are fighting to reform health care, improve public schools, keep neighborhoods safe and create new jobs. But we can only achieve those goals if we control the Illinois House of Representatives and State Senate."

Don't they control the GA now? Have we achieved those goals? What a bunch of goofs!

At least the Greens put their platform up for public scrutiny.

crash-dev: if you go to Whitney's site,, you can see how he's going to implement those values.

alan,  9:16 AM  

Bill, I heard Rich on WBEZ a few days back and he was definitely covering issues:

He seems to want to discuss issues. Whether people pay attention to what he says or are voting for him because he's not Rod or Judy is an open question, but I haven't seen any reason to believe Rich doesn't want to talk about the issues.

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