Monday, October 30, 2006

Dems Lie About Scheurer Financing

8th congressional district anti-war candidate Bill Scheurer has been churning out press releases. McHenry County Blog is probably the only place they get published.

In yesterday's release about anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan's endorsement ("Make One Democrat Pay") was a paragraph about a forthcoming negative mailing from the Democratic Party's Congressional Campaign Committee--run by Chicago Congressman Rahm Emanuel. It must have just arrived because here is what the campaign has to say about what it calls "Slime."

Democrat Mailer Slimes Scheurer
It's official. The Democrats are running scared. Despite their successful efforts to spin the media with false polls that under-report the growing momentum of his campaign, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has now unleashed a desperate attack piece against independent Moderate Party candidate Bill Scheurer.

Among its notable lies, the piece says that Republicans have "propped up" the Scheurer campaign "with hundreds of thousands of dollars." Federal Election Commission reports plainly show that Scheurer has not received a single penny from Republicans.

In fact, over half his money came from major unions that backed incumbent Democrat Melissa Bean in 2004. Scheurer has raised less than $50,000.

"I wish it was true," says Scheurer. "If we had that kind of money to reach voters, we would be winning this thing by a landslide!"

The mailer also oddly attempts to connect Scheurer with George Bush. Bean is widely regarded as a "Bush Democrat" for voting with the Bush Administration and the Republican Congress on nearly every major issue, while Scheurer is a consistent outspoken critic of Bush and agrees with him on almost nothing.

In the height of irony, the DCCC direct mail piece also accuses Republicans of "playing dirty tricks" and trying to win "by backhanded, slimy tricks." The Republicans have no connection with the Scheurer campaign.

However, it was the Democrats who carried out a series of dirty tricks and outright fraud in its efforts to try to keep Scheurer off the November ballot. His Moderate Party had to file a lawsuit in federal court against the DCCC, its chairman Rahm Emanuel, and other leading Democrats for criminal fraud to make them back off.

Asked about the sleazy ad, Scheurer could only laugh. "Abraham Lincoln once said, after being ridden out of town on a rail: 'But for the honor of it, I would have rather walked.' That about sums it up for me."

Welcome, Mr. Scheurer, to the strange and twisted world of big-time politics.
Also at McHenry County Blog, an article about Cindy Sheehan's endorsement of Bill Scheurer.


David A 11:21 PM  

As usual, Cal, you fell asleep or cannot read the fine print. Probably both. The NRCC (those are Republicans, Cal. The national ones led by Denny and funded by $700,000 of Mark Foley money) has funded multiple "vote for Scheurer" mailers. No, they haven't given him cash, just sent his mailers. Sorry, Cal, your spin is even worse than a Washington-based McSweeney commercial.

crash-dev 12:52 AM  

Do those mailers cost hundreds of thousands of dollars?

If so this is a questionable post.

We probably need a definition of dirty trick?

Informing the public about when a party is funding mailers for a candidate that is running against their candidate. I am bias, but I don't think that counts. If this is a lie than yeah it is dirty. David A, can you provide some evidence for this? I disagree with Cal a lot but I respect him for well thought out positions, but this would seriously affect my opinion. I have been seeing an awful lot of flaming lately that it is easy to get turned off completely.

The connecting of Scheurer with Bush, I'd be willing to call that dirty. And although Bean has voted with Bush so frequently, she would still vote for Pelosi for speaker, and for democratic control of various comittees. That is enough for many Democrats who are tired of Republican controlled comittee's silencing debates.

I am glad to have Mr. Scheurer's voice in this race and I am glad that Cindy threw her support behind him. The Democrats ballot access fights should be something voters consider when placing their votes next week.

One more week...sheesh...i'm tired...

Extreme Wisdom 7:24 AM  

Just FYI,

I've got Bill Scheurer on my show today at 11:00 CST at

Me, a conservative talk show host that leans toward Republicans on most issues.

More evidence of the VRWC promoting Bill Scheurer.

OTOH, though I disagree with Bill on most issues, A congress with more people of his integrity would be a good thing.

Skeeter,  7:41 AM  

How dare you accuse anyone else of sleaze.

The ONLY people talking about this guy is you and your Republican pals.

No wonder you people lose every race in Illinois.


By the way, what did you give him to flip on abortion?

Skeeter,  9:50 AM  


You are promoting this guy.

You are doing so because you know that without him, the Republican does not have a chance.

You claim to be moral.

You can't be moral and then be dishonest on the issue.

Be moral yourself, and then tell the rest of us about morality.

As a final note, this is why the ILGOP gets no respect. For all your talk about values, when it comes down to it, the ILGOP has shown interest in values only when it is convenient.

Cal Skinner 9:52 AM  

The word "sleazy" is in Scheurer's press release.

Skeeter 12:13 PM  

Why, as you admit, are you the only one who gives this guy any publicity?

Tell us more about "sleazy."

Personally, I consider it sleazy when a Republican can no longer compete on the issues in the C8, and has to turn to an obscure anti-abortion candidate in order to have any chance at all.

I note that you have not mentioned that stand, Skinner.

Why not?

I thought you would be proud to support somebody with his views on the subject. I thought that somebody like you with strong anti-abortion views would like to let the social conservatives know all about those views so that they can support him.

Why haven't you written about those views, Skinner? Why aren't you standing outside churches telling people that they have a real candidate?

Sort of sleazy to play up his anti-war views but not his anti-abortion views, unless of course you just want to help the Republican, isn't it?

Anonymous,  12:23 PM  

Cal, he's on to you. LOL

Skeeter 2:27 PM  


Who else is talking about this Shuever person?

Why do you think that Cal is talking about him?

No wonder you don't sign a name. I wouldn't sign mine either if I had to support Cal on that issue.

Bill Baar 2:35 PM  

Who else is talking about this Shuever person?

The people who have heartburn with Bean voting for CAFTA and the Patriot Act. You can go to SoapBlox Chicago and read them.

They'll be the same folks screaming about Duckworth should she get elected.

Extreme Wisdom 2:55 PM  


1. If Cal (and I, BTW) are giving Scheurer publicity to help McSweeney, what's it to you? If your candidate/party can't win in a 3, 4 or 5-way race, whose fault is that but the candidate's? (she may win anyway, of course)

2. Are you even aware of his stances on the issues? Sounds to me as if they were pretty darn close to yours, though I may be wrong.

If his stances are closer to yours than Bean's, wouldn't he be the better vote?

3. If anything, his abortion stance hurts McSweeney more than Bean, as it gives anti-war conservatives (there are quite a few) a reason to vote for him.


Your posts come of as whiney and not very well thought out. This is par for the course for both Dems and Reps who can't think outside the 2 party box.

BTW all,

The podcast of today's interview is up on my site.

Skeeter 3:46 PM  


1. The fact is that the GOP cannot win on the issues. The GOP knows that. I find it offensive that, given the fact that the GOP knows the voters reject its message, it turns to prop up a third party candidate. It is pathetic.

2. I don't agree with that Schuever guy on a single issue that I know of.

3. With regard to abortion, why doesn't the right talk about that stand? Simple. He is in the race only to take votes away from Bean. He serves no other purpose. He may as well be on the GOP payroll, since he is doing their work.

If the social conservatives had any real interest in the abortion issue, they would be passing his flyers out. I haven't seen that.

By the way guys. Bean will win, comfortably. She will win firstly because she is an outstanding candidate who's views are in line with those of her district. She will also win because people like Skinner and EW have managed to destroy the ILGOP as an effective opponent

Extreme Wisdom 5:07 PM  


Does all your verbiage mean that if Bean loses, people like Cal and me have managed to save the GOP and make them effective opponents?

Either one makes about as much sense as the other.

All I do "for the GOP" is blog and do a radio show. The GOP is doing quite a good job of destroying itself (in IL anyway) by being a Junior Partner in Madigan, Daley, Levine and Cellini Firm.

NW burbs,  5:35 PM  

When bloggers post the same info to multiple blogs at virtually the same time they usually add "Cross-posted at ..." so readers realize they're catching a bit of an echo. In fact, some of the bloggers to Illinoize, because of its somewhat unique setup of being a blog populated by established bloggers, do not even allow comments here and instead link back to their own blog.

Not so with Mr. Skinner who routinely posts the same info to multiple blogs without noting such.

Just a bit of netiquette.

Wumpus,  7:30 PM  

So what, Cal is giving exposure to Skinner. Skeet, do you ive in the 8tha nd you ar epromoting Bean? A tad bit of hypocrisy. Scheurer has every right to run and after the dirty tricks played on him by someone (regarding the signatures), that simply shows how desparate the dems are.

As we saw with Bean in 04, and Duckie and Seals in 06, the dems cannot win w/grassroots support. They simply bus in workers up nprth, orthwest, west from Chicago to prop up their candidates who don't live in any of the districts in which they are running. Cal has as much right to inform voters of their choices as you and the unions/donors who support all these candidates (GOP too) and live far out of the district.

Bean will lose due to the GOTV, no Keyes on the ballot and McSweeney has run a competent campaign.

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