Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Happy Warrior - Republican Ray Wardingley

There is always a crowd at Kean Gas Station at 111th & Talman in the Morgan Park neighborhood of Chicago. Thick with 19th Ward Democrats, Kean is a family owned gas station and convenience store that serves hot coffee and fresh news from The Daily Southtown: Tom the plumbing contractor, Geno the ComEd linesman, Ed the Fire Lieutenant, Shirley the Corrections Officer, and then there's Ray.

Ray Wardingley is and has been a proud Republican who cheerfully parries Terry's cracks like a rhetorical Bobby Riggs. Today's Daily Southtown features a nice report by Courtney Greve on one of the nicest people in Illinois politics. Give it a glance.,1NWS5-18.article


Richard Goellner,  9:56 AM  

Pat, Congrats on your Veterans event.
Who are you voting for--Peraica or Stroger?

With the Foley thing, do you think there will be any backlash on Jim Thompson?
Since you are chronicler of things Catholic--does the Foley thing hurt the Church (today he is supposed to reveal the name of the priest)
I am Catholic, loyal, and agree with you on Catholic education but am scandalized by the priestly abuse scandal and the Church's response and minorly disturbed by your defense of the former Bishop of Joliet.

Pat Hickey 10:21 AM  

Hi Richard,

Preaching to choir, son! If one bishop in this country had an ounce of courage, there would be no sex-abuse scandal - at least diocese after diocese would not be looted by crumbs like ambulance chaser Jeff Anderson. PC and Arrogance destroyed the faith of the Faithful. Long road back.

Bishop Imesch stuck his neck out for me, when my wife and I were getting death threats from some pro-life nut-balls in 1984; when a guy does a person a good turn only a louse gets thin when that person is in a jamb himself.

The Daily Southtown's Tim Placher, a real hero of this sad and tragic mess, took Bishop Imesch apart pretty handily. My standing by a friend is my business.

The Foley mess should clear the way for House Democrats but my Party always seems to have a delightful manner of snatching Defeat from the jaws of Victory - Howard Dean BORROWING money for House races - what a nit-wit! 'Here, boys put it on my VISA - need the frequent flyer mileage YEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!

Yep, it's always giggle.

Anonymous,  11:12 PM  

Peraica or Stroger?
Who do you support?
Who do you think will win?
Any comments or analysis?

Pat Hickey 7:21 AM  

Tony's last ad might tip the balance - real slick. However, many people liked John Stroger - and they were never quoted in Kass or chatted with Carol Marin - should be close.

As for your humble servant, only me the Three Guys upstairs and the Cook County Board of Elections will know for sure -I'll probably cancel out Forrest Claypool's vote - now, there's an enigma wraped in Brooks Brothers.

Anonymous,  7:41 AM  

Hickey, I thought you were too real reform (not psuedo reform BS) to vote for Todd Stroger. I knew the dad too but there is too much corruption in County government. Lots of pols don't like Peraica, but he is a tough Croat orphan who doesn't take their sh-t. He makes sense and maybe it is time to shake Cook County government up.

My concern is with the new voting machines, all the technical problems, the lack of training, and all the problems in the last election including taking months to count the vote, lost precincts, damaged cartridges, lack of security, lost data etc.
It doesn't seem like the Board of Elections (the Three Guys upstairs might but it is really only One Guy with Three something or other--but I don't think they interfere in the election countying on the new system)can insure a accurate or fair election. Alderman Burke also brought up concerns on foreign ownership and a fixed contract.

I like you analysis of Obama vis a vis Madigan but not everyone gets it. Obama is a good guy but the more popular he becomes (media not grass roots driven) I get more suspicious.

Pat Hickey 8:25 AM  

Boy, how about the new voting stuff - I wonder if old Good Gevernment Davey Orr will have his fingerprints on this stuff - during the Primary my ballot needed to be hand recorded by and put in a safe because it refused to take the scan.

Something was really unhooked about that whole Hugo Chavez Garage Sale that Dave and the Higher Critics went to for those election gadgets. Old Ed Burke has a good eye for cuteness; comes with practice.

As for Barack, he is really a terrific public servant - if only he can remember that - my fear is that the tin-foil hat crowd now has their hooks in him and steer him right into the hands of the right-wing Kooks like the Fat-Boy on Ludes and that Mick Himmler (Goebbles)on WLS -' Where's your Messiah Now DEMORATS? HEHEHEHEHE.

Barack needs to lose the Hollywood and pick up more Berwyn if his going to be the Man to whom God gave so much ability.

He should remember Johnson's warning to political supplicants:

Vanity of Human Wishes:

Unnumber'd Suppliants croud Preferment's Gate,
Athirst for Wealth, and burning to be great;
Delusive Fortune hears th' incessant Call,
They mount, they shine, evaporate, and fall.
On ev'ry Stage the Foes of Peace attend,
Hate dogs their Flight, and Insult mocks their End.

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