Friday, October 20, 2006

Beano Bean Attack

Below is a taste of what you might see if Bill Scheurer's anti-war supporters were willing to write checks.

Click to enlarge any of the three impages.

8th congressional district "Moderate Party" candidate Bill Scheurer has folks with good imaginations.

First he rolled out McBeaney, a hybrid elephant-donkey he calls a "donkephant." I can't find it anywhere but McHenry County Blog. (A life size version appeared last Saturday, but I haven't gottne a picture yet.)

It does seem to me that good public relations gimmicks deserve some credit, however, and that's why I am posting this here, as well as on McHenry County Blog.


Skeeter 1:26 PM  

I remember a day when Republicans could face Democrats head on and argue the issues.

It is too bad that the ILGOP has to turn to tactics like supporting third parties.

What a shame. The entire GOP leaderships should be tossed out. They need a complete new leadership.

crash-dev 1:36 PM  

easy skeeter,
Seriously on the most important long term issue facing this country, don't Bean and McSweeney share pretty much the same views on Iraq. I thikn that voters should be given a more diverse opinion.

From the Daily Herald:
"In fact, he is the only candidate of the three who seems to understand that the war on terrorism cannot be won with a strategy that is built exclusively around the military, the only one to understand the West must win hearts and minds if there is to be any long-term success. Unfortunately, Scheurer’s strategy would be built exclusively without the military. It is one thing to question the wisdom of the war in Iraq, but Scheurer loses us when he questions the one in Afghanistan."

I think there should be a candidate in every district making this argument. I'm not saying that I'd vote for it, but I think it is an extremely important and necessary part of the discourse on world affairs.

Skeeter,  9:30 AM  

The simple fact is that this guy made the ballot only because of Republican help.
The GOP is so weak that it can no longer go head to head in that district and have any reasonable chance of winning.
That is pathetic. It was a Republican district for about 40 years, and now this ILGOP has lost it completely.
The entire state GOP leadership needs to go.

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