Saturday, October 21, 2006

Cicero and Cops

I wonder why these stories don't generate outrage in the blogsphere. (Two hits on a google blog search on Cicero Cops Beat vs this on Weller Page).

It just goes unoticed. Maybe it's because most bloggers too geeky to feel at risk for getting caught in a circumstance like Mr Wilson's below.

In one incident in 2003, DeKiel is alleged to have broken a victim's nose after a traffic stop, and he and DiSantis beat the man at the police station, with DiSantis striking him with a handgun, the indictment says.

Peslak then allegedly planted cocaine on the man, the federal indictment states, and the man was falsely charged with possession of a controlled substance.

At the end of the incident the officers allegedly ordered the victim, Floyd Wilson, "to use the shirt [the victim] was wearing to clean up his own blood that had run onto the floor as a result of the injuries inflicted by defendants," the indictment says.
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Eaton Goodson,  11:06 AM  

Dan Proft could kill the election chances for Tony Peraica. Peraica talks about reform, and most of the time he is right, except if the corrupt people are supporting him like in Cicero. How is Dan Profit going to spin this one.

Bill Baar 5:56 AM  

Read the Trib story,

Cicero spokesman Dan Proft said the officers were on active duty as of the day of their arrests, despite past accusations against them. The town ended internal investigations two years ago as federal authorities moved in, he said, and could not fire them because of union rules. DiSantis was on administrative leave from Jan. 6 to April 1, 2005.

He blamed the unions. And probably right....

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