Wednesday, October 11, 2006

IFI Releases Voter Guide - Hypes Randy Stufflebeam

And the questions for those running for Illinois?

Of interest besides the questions is the fact that write-in candidate Randy Stufflebeam is included on the top line with an affiliation with the Constitutional Party.

This makes the second pro-life group I have discovered that has emphasized Stufflebeam’s candidacy. Read about the first here.

While neither Democrat Rod Blagojevich nor Green Party candidate Rich Whitney replied to the questionnaire, Republican Judy Topinka did. Except for her answers to questions 5, 7 and 8 (put in boldface type below), Sufflebeam and she seemed to have opposite answers. (To the questions on gambling and ERA, Topinka gave “qualified responses.”)

There are ten of them. One’s support or opposition was requested.

1) Taxpayer funding of live human embryonic stem cell research. (2003: HB 3589, 2005: SB 2100)

2) Adding “sexual orientation” and “gender related self-identity” to the existing Human Rights Act, thus elevating homosexual, bisexual and transgendered behavior to protected civil rights status. (2005 – SB 3186)

3) Allowing pharmacists to dispense “morning after” pill (e.g., Plan B) without obtaining a doctor’s prescription. (2003: HB 2535)

4) An Illinois constitutional marriage amendment that would define marriage as between one man and one woman and preclude recognition of “civil unions” or domestic partners (2005-HJRCA 11)

5) Legislation requiring public schools and libraries to filter/block internet access to illegal obscenity, child pornography, and material harmful to minors (2000 – HB 1812)

6) Legislation to expand gambling in Illinois (adding slot machines or casinos).

7) Requiring parental notice before a girl can obtain an abortion.

8) Reducing taxes by indexing the per-person deduction.

9) Federal Equal Rights Amendment (E.R.A.) that will require gender-based “equal rights” including protecting “abortion rights” and “same-sex marriage.” (2005 HJRCA 3)

10) Legislation to provide grants for “comprehensive sex education” which will include instructing students 9-17 about condom usage and pregnancy prevention. (2006- SB 2267)

For more, including the U.S. Attorney's press release on Tony Rezko, come to McHenry County Blog.


dan l 11:11 PM  

Oh well and ho hum. Who cares what the IFI wants out of a candidate, I want to know what the Klan wants!

Anonymous,  1:36 PM  

My sister gave my wife a Stufflebeam business card/advertisement, though this was funny:

Top Line "What another option for governor?"

great typo, or else they left out the comma after "what".

too funny when amateurs run a campaign. In a state as closed and corrupt as Illinois, a write-in candidacy is just never gonna happen. Is there any state-wide winner anywhere that has been elected write-in. I could see the possibility in a township in the sticks for road commissioner...

Andy in NWIL

Anonymous,  2:48 PM  

Randy Stufflebeam is on the right side of all the issues. Write in Randy Stufflebeam for Governor!

Patriotic Jones,  2:23 AM  

You want to talk about funny?? Here's one that is absolutely hilarious.

The may be a typo on the card on the card of an amature, but look what PROFESSIOINALS have done to our state.

Maybe it's time to get a few amatures elected and get rid of the "professionals!!!!"

Funny??? Maybe not.

Anonymous,  1:48 PM  

I'm sorry, but J B Topinka is a republican by name only and I cannot conscientiously vote against my core values. She has more in common with Blagojevich and Whitney than she has with any of the other republicans running for state-wide office.

The only conservative choice for governor of Illinois is RANDY STUFFLEBEAM. Unlike Rod and Judy, Randy is both pro-life and pro-marriage.

Support one-man, one-woman marriage. Oppose government funding of embryonic stem cell research. Support parental notification before your minor daughter receives an abortion.

On Tuesday, November 7, go to your polling place and ask the election officials for assistance in correctly casting your write-in vote for RANDY STUFFLEBEAM.

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