Thursday, October 12, 2006

An Update on "What If Denny Is Telling the Truth?"

With no hint in the most recent New York Times story that the Foley page scandal is in any way related to homosexuality, I thought it was time to give my McHenry County Blog article a new twist.

Pat Buchanan wrote in a recent column:

On Sunday, The New York Times reported that Fordham is gay. On Saturday, The Post reported that the House clerk who oversaw the page program and was sent by the speaker's office to admonish Foley in 2005 was also gay. Fordham, Foley and the clerk are now gone. What, then, are the elements of this multiplex scandal?
So, this was important information last weekend, but not the day Fordham testifies.

Doesn't that pretty much prove the country's two leading newspapers are trying to downplay the homosexual angle?

Here's McHenry County Blog's original story "What If Denny Is Telling the Truth?"


the Other Anonymous,  9:15 AM  

So Kirk Fordham, the former chief of staff who repeatedly tried to stop Foley from contacting pages and then blew the whistle on him, is gay.

Doesn't this completely blow the lid off the myth that all gay men are pedophiles? I mean, the one guy who acted responsibly -- who reported Foley's behavior despite being his Chief of Staff, thus risking his job -- was gay. It's the straight Speaker (and his staff) who ignored the warning.

Right wingers shouldn't make too much of Fordham's sexual orientation in their desire to stigmatize gays.

NW burbs,  9:57 AM  

How many times are you going to post about your curiosity concerning gay Republicans?

You've got at least 3 up of the same post -- here, your own blog, and your front paged post at Illinois Review?

You really think it matters whether these people were gay or not? You don't think that the Republicans would've kept things as quiet as they could whether it was gay or straight Republicans keeping mum?

In fact, we know the answer. Shimkus, Boehner and Reynolds all knew enough to have either spoken directly to Foley or to have warned their superiors (as Boehner claims). Are all those men gay? No, I think pretty clearly they're straight.

Sexual orientation has nothing to do with this Foley affair Cal, despite how much partisan conservatives wish it did.

Instead, it is partisan orientation that seems to have everything to do with it.

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