Sunday, October 01, 2006

Pretend You're a Legisltive Candidate - Part 2

The Chicago Sun-Times also asks legislative candidates to fill out a questionnaire each election. It’s usually more fun than the Chicago Tribune’s, especially in its biography. See especially questions 6 and 7.

Here are the Sun-Times questions. If you feel so inclined, share your answers in the comment section.

1. Longer-term, should Illinois change the taxation formula for funding schools? How?

2. Should the state provide more funding for the CTA, Meta, Pace and other public transit systems? Explain your answer.

3. What should be done to reduce the influence of politics in state hiring and contracts?

4. Should Illinois change its lobbyist disclosure laws? How?

5. Have you held elective or appointive political office or have you been employed by any branch of government?

6. Please list jobs or contracts you, members of your immediate family or business partners have had with government.

7. Name your biggest campaign contributors and the amount they contributed.

8. Which plan for fixing Illinois school funding do you prefer? Do you favor Gov. Blagojevich’s plan to sell or lease the Illinois Lottry or state Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka’s proposal for a Chicago casino and more gambling slots at existing casinos? Explain your answer.

9. Should the state raise the minimum way as Gov. Blagojevich has suggested? Explain.

10. Should the state provide more funding for embryonic stem cell research? Explain.

11. South Dakota passed a law to make abortion illegal. Should Illinois do the same? Explain.
While the Chicago Tribune does not have a question on abortion, the Sun-Times writes about the South Dakota bill that is being tested in a referendum this year. Here is the goal of the bill’s sponsor, which Penny Pullen and I heard when we visited him for two hours earlier this month.

Here's where you can read my 2002 responses to the Sun-Times gubernatorial questionnaire.

More at McHenry County Blog.


Extreme Wisdom 8:57 AM  

1. Schools don't need more money. They are swimming in cash, and wasting it by the bucketfull.

Zero out property taxes for schools. Abolish the "District", pass HB750 increases, and fund each child equally.

2 - 11 can be answered by junking the awful Illinois Constitution, and passing a new one that;

a. Limits state and LOCAL spending entities to inflation + population growth.

b. allows equal ballot access for any candidate/party.

c. abolishes gerrymandering

d. Mandates uniform "real time" disclosure of all budgeting, spending, and contract negotiations for all IL governmental entities.

Jerry 11:01 AM  

1. Well. Duh. City and small town schools throughout the state currently get the shaft on funding. And by city, I mean not just Chicago, but Chicago, interior suburbs, Rockford, Peoria, Decatur, East St Louis, etc. And by small town, I mean any number of struggling communities throughout the state that have seen declining industrial bases. Scuttle the current system, and set a minimum funding rate, with a certain percentage geared toward instruction. Also, repeal the F*&^*&ng No Child Left Behind piece of crap.

2. Um, yes. Public transit needs to be encouraged in this day and age. But, CTA needs new leadership. The current group running CTA couldn't...umm...something. A good metaphor escapes me.
Regardless, they are incompetents.

3. Guh...ummm...Something. Don't know exactly what. Start by tossing out the leadership of the Illinois Dem and Republican parties. Both state parties are irredeemably corrupt.

4. Yes, absolute disclosure. If you author a bill that benefits a group or industry, then the bill should show, on its face, every penny in donations that have come in from that group or industry. The state election commission should have all information regarding donations up on its website, easily searchable, and easily sortable (think perhaps). Lobbyists should also have to file extensive reports showing where their funding comes from, who they are buying, and what bills were introduced that would benefit their benefactors.

5. No.

6. None to my knowledge.

7. Um, me. $0.

8. Both suck. Try again. No to selling state assets. No to casinos in Chicago.

9. Yes.

10. Yes. The feds should be providing this funding, but they are dependent upon zealots who need something thrown at them.

11. No.

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