Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Former Lake County GOP Chairman Makes Internet Hit Piece Entitled, “Republican Hypocrisy Revealed”

Someone has done a good bit of research to come up with Republicans who have done nasty deeds with kids, with pornographic charges and convictions throw in for good measure.

“Republic Hypocrisy Revealed” with “Stop Republican Pedophilia” as a subhead can be found at armchairsubversive.com. The site encourages people to copy “without permission.”

It is no surprise that former Congressman Dan Crane’s affair with a female page made the list. (In the interest of full disclosure, I was hosted by the Cranes at an Indy 500 party in 1982 when I was running for State Comptroller. I thought both husband and wife were splendid hosts.)

But, it was a surprise to find Tom Adams as one of the headliners. He is described as a Republican Mayor. He was “arrested for distributing child pornography over the internet.” Here is the link provided for Adams. (Although the version I received via email had the Chicago Tribune link for Adams, the one for the general site does not. I wonder why.) Here's the article I wrote on Adams.

If I missed anyone from Illinois, please let me know with a comment.

Since this is an attack on Republicans, no mention was made of former Norwood Park Democratic Party precinct captain and homosexual serial killer John Gacy. His acts were so horrid that it is rumored the Illinois Supreme Court refused to overturn the death penalty while he was on death row.

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Howie 11:23 PM  

If you're gonna bring up John Wayne Gacy, I may as well point out Ted Bundy was seen as a promising rising Republican star. Goes both ways.

Cal Skinner 10:40 PM  

Precisely my point.

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