Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Prostitute Rescue Mission Genesis House Leaders Steal More Than State Subsidy

I first learned about Genesis House during the late 1990’s when one of its leaders visited my Springfield office seeking state financial support.

The mission was certainly worthy—getting prostitutes out of their profession.

How said to read the story of corruption by Genesis House leaders.

My first question was,

How much state money did the organization receive?
Here’s how much Genesis House got for the last four years.
2006 $190,446.61
2005 $76,513.25
2004 $70,000.00
2003 $31,920.00
If I have added correctly, that totals $374,879.86.

My guess is that these were member earmarks, but one really needs inside information to link legislators to such initiatives.

Regardless, any legislators involved could be hardly criticized for such a good cause.

Articles indicate there was city and federal money, as well.

The total stolen was about $526,000. Or about $5,000 more for the assistant, according to Associated Press.

Last spring, the Sun-Times says it also received “$75,000 grant in 2004 from the Oprah Winfrey Foundation.”

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Pat Hickey 7:41 AM  


Welcome to my world. Corrupt 501(c)3 orgainizations that have 'sexy' or PC worthy mission statements have cut into the charitable dollars schools like mine received and then found 'cut-back' for board giving reassesments.

This is only one such case. Over the years I have seen thousands of dollars from family foundations shift to such 'sexy' giving opportunities. Grant making ( State and Private) really must make greater efforts to see that "operations" match the "mission."

We conduct monthly audits of our operations at our own expense. Our annual financial statements reveal that dollars given are dollars invested, but that means nothing to some charitable boards - I think many individuals making those decisions to cut back on programs like Leo High School - an inner city high school, all black male students, no debt, operating on a balanced budget/zero deficit every year since 1991 - are more concerned with making Susanna's Night Out and Sneedling columns than actually doing some good.

This sad flim-flam story is a case in point.

Extreme Wisdom 8:46 AM  


You make a great case for more aggressive competition among 501 c3s.

The idea that the NFProfit world is more moral or less cut throat than the business world is a myth that needs to be exploded.

All the "good intentions" in the world haven't changed human nature.

As to the post, isn't it time we just zeroed out all government grants of this nature?

Isn't there anyone in Springfield who understands that our Pension Funds are over $40 bn in the red?

Extreme Wisdom 8:48 AM  


If we had an education system that funded students instead of bloated bureaucracies, schools like Pat's wouldn't have as many budget issues and the poor would get a better education.

There is no intellectually sound argument agaisnt school choice.

Pat Hickey 8:56 AM  

EW, my Friend, None whatsoever. There are rhetorical spins, twists, capers, and twirls but no VALID argument against school choice - other than 'that is the way it is.'

I wish - God I wish - that there was one(1.) bishop ( and I use bishop only because Catholic schools comprise the most voters - I AM NOT FORGETTING THE DUTCH SCHOOLS & Etc.) who had the grapes to announce that All Catholic Schools will be closed on Monday and that Public Schools should put out the old welcome mat.

School Choice would be viable - Pronto.

Cal Skinner 4:38 PM  


I made that very suggestion to a bishop and was told that (I don't remember whether he said "he" or "the Church") would not use the children that way.

It is a strategy that would work, however.

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