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Gen. John Borling Revving Up Campaign Against Don Manzullo

Even before he made his official announcement as a write-in candidate Congress in the 16th district, Rockford’s General John Borling was in Crystal Lake.

“I was over at the Holiday Inn on the 29th,” he told McHenry County Blog.

“That was in the pre-announcement week. There was a meeting of the International Kick Boxing Association. I did very well. That’s where we got the 20-30 volunteers. This were young people, older people, women, kids.”

As a result, “I’ve got a McHenry County coordinator, Bill Henniger from Crystal Lake.

“And a list of about 30 volunteers that Bill is managing. But we are reaching out to all nine counties in the 16th district. If people want yard signs or want to volunteer call 815-229-4400 or go on the web site.”

Borling ran for the U.S. Senate in the Republican primary two years ago.

Why is he running for Congress again?

I am not doing this because I want to. I’m doing this because I have to.

I’m been fighting for this country my own life. I think this is the time for us to rise up and say we’ve had enough.

I’m not going to some kind of backbencher son of a bitch. I’m going to be a frontbencher son of a bitch.
Having not have seen any mention of Borling in either the Northwest or Daily Herald, McHenry County Blog asked if either had contracted.

“I’ve made contact with the Nortwest Herald and want an editorial board (meeting),” he said. No reporter has contacted him about his candidacy, however.

Even though there was a 3-way radio debate on Monday in Rockford, there is no information about its contents in a Google news search.

Here’s Borling’s take:
We had a 3-part debate last Monday on Monday on WNTA. Doug McDuff and Ken DeCosta were the moderators.

I think there was a spirited exchange of views, but at the end of the hour I think his (Manzullo’s) estimation was that he didn’t want to do that any more.

Objective listeners have voiced the same thought.

Here’s my view. Public officials need to be pro-active in engaging in public dialogue, especially at election time.
And, why is Borling running?
I’m doing this as an extraordinary basis. I believe in three main things. Both parties have let us down in the Congress. We return about 97% of the incumbents every election cycle and yet scream for change

It’s not going to happen with a bunch of career politicians, guys who want a job for life.

Brutally said, if you want to waste your vote, vote for more of the same.

If you want to take a chance for change in the 16th district, I’m asking them to write me in as an independe3nt and I will go and try to shine a light on this naked partisan bickering that is not in the interest of the nation or the district.

Charles Madigan, senior editor of the Trib (Chicago Tribune) said it best, “To re-elect the current congress is like eating mashed potatoes with hair shavings.

So people, if they want a change, have a chance to vote independent on a write-in basis.

They can write in General John Borling or John Borling or General Borling, as long as the intent of voter is clear, it does not have to exact.
What’s Borling doing to advance his candidacy?
We’re out in print and soon TV and radio. We’re out in all the media outlets and our knowledge is that people are fed up and they want a change.

We’re getting yard signs today. We have 2,000 yard signs for anybody that has a big yard.

I didn’t have the funds to make a media buy the first time out (when he ran for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate).
What’s he want to do if he gets to Congress?
The idea is not to go and not be just one voice, but to go and marshal voices, individuals who want to start a new centrist political movement. A place where moderate Republicans where moderate Republicans and conservative Democrats can be freed up from the party shackles that bind them now.
“The challenge from the Senate campaign still goes,” Borling said. “If they want to do a winner take all push-up contest out in the parking lot, I’m willing to do that, too.”

The address where campaign contributions may be sent is
Borling for Congress. Box 4703, Rockford IL 61110-4703. The campaign’s phone number is 815-229-4400. Here is the web site.

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Lovie's Leather 10:23 PM  

While I do agree with him about both parties letting us down, the reality there is no chance of him winning. Maybe if he would have run in the primary or as a democrat. How often has the "both parties let us down" method worked? Get on the ballot and I would consider him a contender, but it ain't gonna happen this year. Remember how the name is spelled when you right it in folks... It is "boring" with an "L" smack dab in the middle.

Anonymous,  11:46 AM  

I see the General is hitting the gin again.

Carl Nyberg 11:23 PM  

I think I interviewed Borling when he ran for Senate. I seem to remember him being kinda nutty.

My co-host and I interviewed a number of the candidates for U.S. Senate. We asked them all the same questions so we could arrange them as a virtual debate.

Borling sorta talked about whatever was on his mind. Borling likes to talk but he doesn't much care about the people he is talking to. And he's got too high an opinion of himself to fake it.

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