Sunday, October 29, 2006

Two Tales -One City: Commitment & Contempt

Committed Protestor.

"Please, Come to Chicago" - we're watching Pimp My Neighbor - It's So Righteous!" Protestor 2006?

Two stories grabbed at me yesterday. One is the story linked below in a fine Daily Southtown feature. It is about the two young guys coming home from Iraq after a couple of deployments as Marines.,2NWS9-29.article

The other, a story of a 'merry prankster' without the gonads of an Abbie Hoffman. Old Abbie, say what you will about the old gent, was willing to squirt out a couple of pints of his own claret to protest a war forty years ago. NOW, there is this beauty, A Coalition Guy, who, 'gave a protest but no one came' -SMIRK - causing the City of Chicago and Cook County to re-deploy hundreds of police officers from neighborhoods that can use a couple of policemen to Washington 'Bug-House' Square Area, CTA bus lines to re-route and cause confusion to businesses and neighbors. I wonder how many old people, kids, homeless families, scared tourists, and store owners would have liked to see a police officer - SOMEWHERE? I wonder what this punk's prank cost our City in terms of safety, or possibly human life? Where were you and the Coalition, Robespierre? Or, do you go by- FREE? 'The Revolution will now be a prank- and televised?' Or, was this a planned 'execution' of City of Chicago resources and finances? Sweet.

This story is about Contempt for 'the ordinary citizens' - the ones these coalition builders want to mobilize - like the two kids mentioned up above in the Daily Southtown article? I doubt that.

In fact, the Chicago Tribune's Headline seems to find it 'pretty funny' Our two gelded Chicago papers think that these clowns are just 'all that. '

"Chicago police say protesters stood them up" - Gee, I wonder if that was an eact quote from a Chicago Cop. Stood up - like a, what ?, a geek by a Cheerleader. How Punk'd is that?

Our newspapers are rags. The Limey Times barely gave the protest story any ink in favor of the 'science of Hip-Hop and the Serial Skank from Joliet.'

Here, below, is the Tribune's Tony C. Yang's "hey, no biggie" spin on what happened yesterday.',1,6770635.story?coll=chi-news-hed

' Starting to save another half-a-buck by avoiding the Limey Times as well as The Tribune.

Big local papers valorize contempt and sleaze. Local papers, like the Daily Southtown, print the news. Read locally and get the news. Mobilize.


Lovie's Leather 1:56 PM  

Please tell me that the protester pick of the bearded guy is some how doctored. Yikes....

Pat Hickey 2:37 PM  

That's the celebrated Hippie Jim in an unretouched photo - that mirrors the moral compass of today's Civil Delinquent. Death to the Middle Class - right after 'Grey's Anatomy.'
Any more Ben & Jerry's left, Dude? You are so not cool, if there's not. Hey, Bill Maher's gonna say something about us - 'so sweet. My Mom's ashram has cable.'

Skeeter 4:59 PM  

Your post really doesn't capture how much of an ignorant ass the anti-war protester really is. He was interviewed by one of the local television stations trying to explain why the march was canceled and the best he could come up with was some smirking babble about not being sure about whether his permit was good. Chicago cops taken off the street, to protect us from his pals who want think legitimate protest is tossing a brick through a window, and he has the nerve to discuss permits?

Where is Dick Cheney when Chicago most needs him? Dick would know how to deal with that guy.

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