Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Capparelli Cashes In Big

When I was working for Illinois Leader, I tried to keep up with what retired legislators did with any surplus money.

I only found one who gave sizable amounts to charity. He was former State Senator John Maitland, a farmer from McLean County.

Looking at the newly filed campaign disclosure forms, I just discovered what may be the biggest transfer of money from campaign fund to a retired legislator:

The transfer occurred June 14, 2006.

As I read the D-2, there is another $349,000 left in the fund.

Citizens for Capparelli gave the $418,600 to Ralph Capparelli, a Democrat who lost his 2004 race for the Illinois House to fellow incumbent Rep. Michael McAuliffe. McAuliffe is the only Republican state representative from Chicago. During the three -ember district days, his Mike’s father Roger and Capparelli were in the same district and close friends.

It is list the expenditure thusly,
services pursuant to 10ILCS5/9-8.10(11)
That means the money was in the campaign fund on the day that the Illinois General Assembly forbade candidates to drain their funds for personal purposes.

$4,261 went to IRS from the campaign fund, while the Illinois Revenue Department got $983.

Undoubtedly, a hefty chuck on money was paid in personal income taxes.

“It does look to be biggest so far,” David Morrison, Deputy Director of the Campaign for Political Reform.

Ralph was one of the first Democrats I met in Springfield in 1973. I met him in the Revenue Committee when he introduced a bill to provide some oversight over the imposition of what are called state multipliers. He worked for Harry Semrow then. Semrow was a member of the Cook County Board of (Property Tax) Appeals.

We worked out language which I think is still state law.

Capparelli was the Dean of the House when he was defeated. In other words, he had been there longer than other member.

You can also find a school district that has asked the United States Justice Department to investigate itself on McHenry County Blog.


JB Powers 1:19 PM  

My old neighbor Maitland is from Danvers, in McLean County where he farmed, and was an independent businessman, and all-around nice guy.


NW burbs,  5:30 PM  


Why don't you start another ten blogs so you can crosspost a few more times?

Too bad you can't ever run out of virtual glue for "copying and pasting"...

4Piggybanks2 9:53 PM  

Thanks for the topic/post Cal.

Unlike some, I apparently don't "know-it-all" and I learn something from most topics.

respectful 5:41 PM  

Cal: Thanx for the catch. Who are the other retired legislators who have recently converted 6 figures from their PACs for personal use?

NW burbs,  11:41 AM  


Cal has the same post up on at least three different blogs, including his own. I'm just questioning the need for such a loud echo... Ego perhaps? Maybe boredom?

And I don't know to whom exactly you are referring, which of course demonstrates I'm hardly a know-it-all. ;)

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