Saturday, October 21, 2006

Tribune Notices South Dakota Aboriton Vote

I figure there must be a chance of passage of the November 7th referendum that abortion proponents forced onto the ballot in South Dakota this year.

Saturday’s Chicago Tribune features the campaign in favor of killing the challenge to Roe v. Wade, of course. The lead is about the “spunk” it takes for a college student to sit on a college campus commons in the most pro-abortion area of the state—Sioux Falls.

Courage to campaign against abortion on a college campus?

Takes about as much courage as it does to deface a sign.

Want to see why the proponents of abortion are even a little bit afraid that they might lose the vote to overturn a law that could be used to challenge the made-out-of-whole-cloth U.S. Supreme Court decision?

Eagle Forum posts a television ad you can view. It features, guess what, a 4-demensional sonogram. My computer isn’t new enough to play it, but yours might be. (I found I could see it here.)

There is, of course, a pitch to help put the ad on TV:

"Help put it on the air in South Dakota--EVERY dollar you give will go to airtime for putting this message on television. And because the South Dakota media market is so inexpensive, a $150 donation can put this on 'Good Morning America!'"
Illinois Chairman of Eagle Forum, Penny Pullen, is even holding a fund raising party the night of October 29—a week from Sunday. If you would like to see the DVD showing the real life stories of women who have undergone hard case pregnancies and have handled them in various ways, email her at ProLifePenny for details.

Illinois Planned Parenthood has made two direct mail pitches to its mailing list this fall.

Penny and I traveled to South Dakota the third week of August, where she spoke to a coalition of referendum supporters.

Opportion opponents, who put the question on the ballot, are not wiling to trust the people, however. Planned Parenthood says it will “sue to block it on grounds that it is unconstitutional,” according to the Tribune article.

Two bites of this apple—in the South Dakota legislature and at the ballot box—apparently are not enough.

No matter.

The proponents are well prepared for a court challenge. That’s what they expected before the petition drive to put the question on the ballot.

In a typically Left Stream “balanced” article on abortion, the Tribune manages to avoid any mention pro-life views on its front page, while mentioning the names of three opponents.

15 paragraphs into the story, it does manage to quote Roger Hunt, the law’s sponsor.

The article gives more space to a pro-abortion Republican State Senator who was defeated in his own party’s primary by, guess what, (shutter) “a(n unnamed) conservative Christian.”

The only poll cited is from July showing a blow-out victory for abortion opponents.

Guess those who oppose abortion didn’t want to tell the Tribuen reporter what their more recent polls say.

The article does point out that no businesses in Sioux Falls have pro-abortion “Vote No” signs in their windows.
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The top head shot is of former Illinois State Rep. Penny Pullen. The bottom one is for South Dakota State Rep. Roger Hunt.
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McHenry County Blog is up and alive again this weekend. What Melissa Bean's volunteers are doing today, plus the series that started Wednesday on the alleged illegalities in the Huntley School District continue today with what the outside auditor did/did not do. The Feds have been notified, although only one paper has reported it.


Richard Terranova,  12:23 AM  

The South Dakota stuff is good but I lost all respect for Penny Pullen when she lead us down the path of destruction with George Ryan. She even said that George Ryan was one of the greatest men of integrity she knew. We should of listened to Paul Caprio and Ralph Rivera.

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