Saturday, October 14, 2006

Chicago Papers Think George Ryan’s Going to Prison Not Too Important

For the Sun-Times, corruption in Governor Rod Blagojevich’s administration took the front-page and four of five columns of page 3.

George Ryan's going to prison got one column on the left hand side of page 3:

Judge to
Ryan: Go
to prison
Jan. 4
In the Tribune, former Governor George Ryan’s going to jail on January 4th didn’t show up until page 12, what used to be the front page of the now-gone separate Saturday Metro section. There it was the main story:
Ryan loses freedom bid

Ex-governor to be jailed during appeal
The Tribune touts the UN vote on North Korea as its lead page 1 story. Other stories include the award of the Nobel Prize to the Bangladeshi man who pretty much started micro lending, a proven way to use the entrepreneurial spirit to life people out of poverty.

More important than the Ryan prison story are
· how a Naperville home where the Lemak kids were murdered by their deranged mother is now a tourist site,
· Chicago’s selling off more of its silver ware (in the form of downtown garages), and
· how corrupt Ohio Republicans are bringing a strong Republican Party down.
Maybe the Tribune is trying to diminish the impact of GOP corruption in Illinois by hiding the Ryan go to jail story.

Maybe the Tribune put the Naperville story on the front page to try to compete with the increasing New York tabloid front pages of the Sun-Times.

Maybe a Topinka endorsement is in its Sunday edition.

Maybe you will have another explanation.

Elgin’s Daily Courier-News, on the other hand, put
Prison for Ryan
as a small story on its upper right-hand front page story. It’s now as big as
Blago pal a no-show
to the left, but it at least shows the importance of the story.

What coverage did Downstate papers give the Ryan story?

= = = = =
Also appearing today on McHenry County Blog are my 1971 experiences with Republican mover and shaker Bill Cellini. Cellini, according to the State Journal-Register, was in on one of the Teachers Retirement System deals for which Governor Rod Blagojevich buddy Tony Rezko was indicted this week.


Lovie's Leather 12:58 PM  

Cal, what's your point? I fail to see relavence to anything other than maybe you are trying to point out some kind of bias....

Cal Skinner 1:37 PM  

Is a governor's going to jail front page news or not?

From my trip to Jewel, I see the Daily Herald thinks the story is front page news.

Lovie's Leather 4:49 PM  

But we all knew that the former governor was going to jail. It is not exactly unknown. Trez being indicted is certainly big news because it is new, something that most people didn't know. Why is old news more newsworthy than new news???

4Piggybanks2 5:10 PM  

I am trying to picture the average person being allowed to go home and hang out until he has another family holiday - months away from his sentencing. More likely, he'd be taken from the courtroom in handcuffs to start serving time immediately.

I'm picturing the family left behind when their children died in that horrible "accident" so many years ago - and hope I never have to wait years while the wounds are reopened with each delay in getting the man at the very top into a courtroom. And that I don't have to watch him smile as if nothing was ever his fault or his choice.

When he is finally found guilty, he gets to go home and have Christmas dinner with his family, having finished up his summer, fall and part of winter. With leaves and snowflakes and freedom surrounding him. That "other" family's table will have bare spots where plates, glasses, silverware and napkins should be. THEIR prayer before dinner won't be quite as loud because many voices will be forever missing too.

And then, to top it off, he wants to stay out of jail while his appeal runs its course through the system.

Yes, I think it belongs on the front page in the biggest headline type available when his request is denied.

And I think the papers should be framed and hung in his cell...

Lovie's Leather 12:15 AM  

The man is going to jail. We all know the man is going to jail. We all know that he is corrupt and he did some terrible things. Old news!!! I don't care. 9/11 happened 5 years ago, I don't think it should be plastered on the front page everyday!!! Ryan is a *expletive* and is getting what he deserves. It is now time for our current to get what he deserves.

Lovie's Leather 12:16 AM  

*current governor
not just current!!!

the Other Anonymous,  9:44 AM  

Cal, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Muhammad Yunus, is a man, not a woman. I'm surprised you made the mistake, especially since the Trib carried a picture of him. I won't ascribe any motives for your mistake, but given some of your politics you should be careful about this sort of thing.

And lovie's leather is right: the big news was Ryan's indictment and conviction, not the denial of a (relatively) routine motion in the case pending appeal. The conviction was covered as front page news.

Cal Skinner 12:49 PM  

Maybe I was thinking of a woman from India. I'll correct the mistake.

But I don't think his being told that he will not stay out of prison on appeal is "routine."

Levois 3:58 PM  

Is it because of Ryan's stature? And his role in the death penatly debate? Then I would say that the denial of his appeal should be front page news, though probably not enough to get a big marquee as other stories.

NW burbs,  6:36 PM  

I couldn't help but notice common to the Ryan indictments and schemes and this new Rezko indictment are ... Republicans. Ryan's Republicans are obvious. For Rezko, it was the ties to Levine and Cellini...

Still seem to be Republicans at the heart of these scandals.

Lovie's Leather 9:53 PM  

So, the question is, why didn't Blago get rid of these people?! For somebody who is going to "change and reform," he certainly is looking after the old, corrupt guard. Screw the parties, these men are corrupt SOBs. We need to route out corruption, not corrupt democrats or corrupt republicans. The excuse making that goes on is sick. Did I make excuses for Ryan... or for Foley for that matter? These people are immoral (yes, corruption is immoral). Stop looking through your Democratic Rose-Colored glasses!

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