Sunday, November 30, 2008

Garrard McClendon on Obama, the Mayor, and the Olympics

McClendon had one of the harshest attacks on Obama I've seen on TV. He played Obama's video in support of Chicago's bid for the Olympics and told viewers to watch carefully for the puppet strings as Daley manipulated him. Here's McClendon's blog on the bid.

I can argue it either way although I'm not as cynical as McClendon. You don't get the full sense of it from his blog as it came over on CLTV. I think we're going to get it though and the the city will be changed hopefully for the better.


Will 1:16 AM  

The President of the United State is just a puppet of the Mayor of Chicago? wow... Interesting thought.
The degree to which many Chicagoans view their city as the center of the universe never ceases to amaze me.

Bill Baar 11:39 AM  

According to McClendon.... I don't watch the guy because he's so damn loud but he looped me in with the Olympics story because I'm mixed on it and I wanted to see Obama's video... and there's McClendon telling me to look for Daley's strings when I watch it.

DuPage Saint,  12:22 PM  

Who really gives a good GD about the Olympics? But if there are strings to pull, lets see if he pulls them on the US Attorney for the Northern District. Bread & Circuses may be fine for the masses, but avoiding prison orange is more personal.

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