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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - November 23, 2008

GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - November 23, 2008

-- GOPUSA ILLINOIS urges Obama to save America's automotive industry - Dave Diersen
For the November 4, 2008 election, 228,698 voted for Obama in DuPage County, 30,908 voted for Obama in Milton Township, and 176 voted for Obama in Diersen's Precinct 9. Without question, Obama's supporters have succeeded. Obama is without question, the most powerful person in the world. Just about every country, every organization, and every individual in the world either has pledged their allegiance to Obama or soon will soon do so. Therefore, obviously, given that, if Obama wanted to, he could easily save America's automotive industry without having to force General Motors, Ford, or Chrysler into bankruptcy. GOPUSA ILLINOIS agrees with those who believe that America's automotive industry is vital to America's national security and that therefore, foreign countries, foreign organizations, and foreign people should not be allowed to control it. GOPUSA ILLINOIS agrees with those who believe that if General Motors, Ford, or Chrysler file bankruptcy, they will soon go out of business. GOPUSA ILLINOIS urges Obama to use his power to get General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler management, the UAW, supplies, creditors, etc. to make whatever changes are necessary to make General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler profitable again. GOPUSA ILLINOIS urges Obama to name Romney America's "Automotive Industry Czar" and give Romney whatever authority he needs make General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler profitable again. GOPUSA ILLINOIS urges Obama to use his power to get all those countries, organizations, and people who hate America to stop badmouthing General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler vehicles and to instead, start buying General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler vehicles. The sooner that America comes to realize that its automotive industry is one of its most vital industries, the sooner that America comes to realize that it should not let foreigners take control of that vital industry, and the sooner that America comes to realize that Obama is serious about saving the industry, the sooner that America's economy will rebound.

-- BEYOND OUTRAGEOUS: U.S. indifferent to Big 3 plight 30 years later message is clear: safeguarding industry no longer priority - Ted Evanoff

-- GM board: Bankruptcy a real possibility Such talk helps to reinforce it needs aid, analysts say - Katie Merx

-- No Chapter 11, GM board says - AP

-- Report: GM board won't rule out bankruptcy

-- Automakers need to make case for government aid - AP
-- The real reason for rising property taxes - Ed Sullivan, State Representative, 51st Legislative District

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: University of Chicago professors argue that filing bankruptcy is the only way to save General Motors,0,3926690.story
-- For now, gloom and doom on Capitol Hill; euphoria over Obama inauguration still on the horizon - Larry Margasak,0,4532875.story
-- Obama puts Osama off his game - Clarence Page,0,7494340.column
-- No casino for Rosemont - Editorial,0,5172719.story
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Steve Chapman promotes socialism,0,7765775.column

-- Obama touts plan to create 2.5 mil. jobs - Abdon Pallasch,CST-NWS-obama23.article
-- GM says board doesn't see bankruptcy as option - AP,gm-bankruptcy112308.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Increasingly, America's "wealthy" are "limousine liberals" and therefore, increasingly, they have increasing power to drive the stock market up and drive the stock market down to achieve their political and other goals. The Associated Press argues that Democrats drive the stock market up and Republicans drive the stock market down. But wait, everyone knows that when the stock market goes down, voters a) blame it on the incumbent president and his political party and b) vote for the opposition party. So, obviously, Republicans did everything they could to drive the stock market up to elect McCain. So obviously, Democrats did everything they could to drive the stock market down to elect Obama. If the Associated Press believes what it argues, it should be demonizing and denigrating Democrats for continuing to drive the market down.,investor-fear112308.article
-- Bush secures foreign help on economy - AP (GOPUSA ILLINOIS urges Bush to thank those foreign countries, those foreign organizations, and those foreign individuals that offer to "aid" America's economy, but GOPUSA ILLINOIS also urges immediate rejection of any offers that they might make to "aid" America by buying Alaska, by buying Hawaii, by buying Southwest American, or by buying any of America's other assets.),bush-economy112308.article
-- If you don't win, that doesn't mean your rights were trampled - Thomas Sowell,CST-EDT-sowell23.article

-- Cold facts. You might call it the week reality hit. - Greg Hinz

-- Leitch, Koehler, Risinger, Moffitt, Sullivan weigh in on the fall veto session - Adriana Colindres and Doug Finke

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Watson says of Radogno: “She’s going to be an outstanding leader, and I’ll do everything I can to help her.” Illinois Republicans urge Watson to help her advance the Illinois Republican Party platform, a platform that is conservative.

-- Cross retains role as House GOP leader,4_1_JO23_CROSS_S1.article

-- Do your Republican officials support the return to direct elections?
Support Pamela Althoff, State SenatorSupport Anthony Anderson, Precinct Committeeman (Boone)Support Greg Abbott, Precinct Committeeman (DuPage)Support Ken Bellaire, Chicago 41st Ward Committeeman Candidate 2008Support John Biver, Precinct Committeeman (Kane)Support Larry Bomke, State SenatorSupport Paul Bonilla, 48th Ward Committeeman (Cook)Support Christine Boreland, Precinct Committeeman (Lake)Support Bill Brady, State SenatorOppose Pat Brady, Republican National CommitteemanSupport Brad Burzynski, State SenatorSupport Dan Carbol, Chicago 19th Ward Committeeman Candidate 2008Support Don Castella, Vernon Township Committeeman (Lake)Support Tony Castrogiovanni, Cook County Vice-Chair/Berwyn Township CommitteemanSupport Bob Churchill, former State RepresentativeSupport Phil Collins, Secretary, Illinois Center Right Coalition/Precinct Committeeman (Lake)Oppose Dan Cronin*, State SenatorOppose Tom Cross, State RepresentativeSupport Shane Cultra, State RepresentativeSupport Gary Dahl, State SenatorOppose Gene Dawson, State Central Committeeman/Barrington Township Committeeman (Cook)Support Kevin Dawson, Coordinator, Republican Young ProfessionalsSupport Kirk Dillard, State SenatorSupport Demetra DeMonte, Republican National CommitteewomanSupport Dave Diersen, Precinct Committeeman (DuPage)Support Lidia Downs, Treasurer, Republican Renaissance PACSupport Mike Fortner, State RepresentativeSupport Joe Hedrick, Niles Township Committeeman (Cook)Support Drew Heidgerken, Coordinator, Republican Young ProfessionalsSupport Robert Hoban, Community Representative, Mark T. Skinner Elementary SchoolSupport Randy Hultgren, State SenatorSupport Doug Ibendahl, Founder, Republican Young ProfessionalsSupport John O. Jones, State SenatorSupport Mike Kenyon, Kane County ChairmanOppose Bob Kjellander, former Republican National Committeeman/"Individual K"Support Carolyn Krause, State RepresentativeSupport Linda LaFianza, Evanston Township Committeeman (Cook)Support Chris Lauzen, State SenatorSupport Dave Luechtefeld, State SenatorOppose Andy McKenna, Jr., Chairman, Illinois Republican PartySupport Jim MacRunnels, Candidate for Kane County Board 2008Support Steve Miller, 7th District Congressional Candidate 2008Support Ruth Munson, State RepresentativeSupport Jim Oberweis, 14th District Congressional Candidate 2008Support Michael Olik, Stickney Township Committeeman (Cook)Support Carole Pankau, State SenatorSupport Terry Parke, former State RepresentativeSupport Bill Peterson, State SenatorOppose Randy Pollard, President, County Chairman's AssociationSupport Nick Provenzano, McHenry County Board MemberSupport Mike Psak, U.S. Senate Candidate 2008Support Christine Radogno, State SenatorSupport Steve Rauschenberger, former State SenatorSupport David Reis, State RepresentativeSupport Dale Righter, State SenatorSupport Dale Risinger, State SenatorSupport Jack Roeser, Chairman, Republican Renaissance PACOppose Lee Roupas**, Cook County ChairmanSupport Dan Rutherford, State SenatorSupport Kathy Salvi, 8th District Congressional Candidate 2006Oppose Angelo 'Skip' Saviano, State RepresentativeSupport Craig Simmons, Coordinator, Republican Young ProfessionalsSupport Gary Skoien, Palatine Township Committeeman (Cook)Support T.R. Smith, Chairman, Western Township Central Committee (Kane) Support Mark Stern, Assistant Precinct Committeeman (DuPage)Support Dave Syverson, State Senator/State Central CommitteemanSupport Nancy Thorner, Precinct Committeeman (Lake)Support Doreen True, Secretary, Republican Assembly of Lake CountySupport Raymond True, Chairman, Republican Assembly of Lake CountySupport Frank Watson, State Senator Support Linda Webb, Precinct Committeeman (Lake)Support Andy White, Coordinator, Republican Young ProfessionalsSupport Dave Winters, State RepresentativeSupport John Zahm, Chairman, Kane County Conservative Coalition)
-- Help bring life to the Illinois GOP: Crash the party - John Biver

-- Berkowitz to join Powers on Roeser's WLS Radio program tonight at 8:00 PM

-- VERY SAD: The Apotheosis of Soros The billionaire gets his moment in the sun - Collin Levy

-- Barack Obama doesn't fear the enraged, impotent Netroots - James Kirchick

-- FROM THE ARTICLE: Friends of the new first couple say the mansion will be infused with the spirit of Sasha and her 10-year-old sister, Malia. Says Kirk Dillard, a Republican state senator from Illinois and a friend of Obama: "Barack is a pretty hip and engaged father, and those girls have him wrapped around their little fingers.",0,6809180.story

-- November 4, 2008 DuPage County Election Results
-- Nine Township Recap
-- Addison Township Precincts
-- Bloomingdale Township Precincts
-- Downers Grove Township Precincts
-- Lisle Township Precincts
-- Milton Township Precincts
-- Naperville Township Precincts
-- Wayne Township Precincts
-- Winfield Township Precincts
-- York Township Precincts

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Downers Grove Township had the highest number of McCain-Palin votes (34,662); Milton Township had the highest percent of registered voters who voted for McCain-Palin (37%); and in Milton Township Precinct 9 -- 289 of its 458 registered voters voted for Birkett (63%), 241 voted for Roskam (53%), and 183 voted for McCain-Palin (40%). Sadly, 176 voted for Obama-Biden (38%).

Township Registered Voters McCain-Palin Votes Percent of Registered Voters
Addison 43,066 12,828 29.8
Bloomingdale 59,987 17,438 29.1
Downers Grove 96,559 34,662 35.9
Lisle 75,725 24,636 32.5
Milton 76,561 28,559 37.3
Naperville 56,312 16,964 30.1
Wayne 38,118 12,119 31.8
Winfield 24,883 8,347 33.5
York 80,069 28,073 35.1
TOTAL: 551,280 183,626 33.3%

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