Thursday, November 06, 2008

Yes Kids Can. And Boy, Did They.

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I think I'm finally emerging from the punchdrunk haze of the last 48 hours, and starting in on the "Choose Your Own Adventure" book that is about to be Illinois politics.

(For instance, Cong. Rahm Emanuel has accepted the position of President-Elect Obama's CoS. If ABC vacates his/her seat to run for the 5th CD seat, turn to page 14. If you think XYZ will jockey for ABC's now open seat, continue to page 19. My head already hurts.)

After reading a bajillion (that's a technical term, btw) columns and blog posts written by esteemed and politically-savvy insiders, I just stumbled upon some of the most honest, spot-on commentary I've seen for a while. Via Harlem:

Dear President Obama,

I want to say you are the bomb. I love all your speeches. Even my grandma does. I feel sorry for your grandmother but she's there up in heaven watching over you. When you get to the white house you will have our help.

I'm so happy that you are becoming president. Can you make a change about the cops? They need to pay more attention at the Lincoln Tunnel.

Write back.

Your friend,

These kids nail it. Go read more letters posted by their 4th grade teacher (and my dear friend) Lauren Rubinfeld at the Huffington Post.


Miguel Andrade,  4:05 PM  

Commissioner Frank Avila should be the replacement for US Senator of our new President Barack Obama.

Anonymous,  9:43 PM  

How does Rahm Emmanuel represent HOPE or CHANGE. Rahm Emmanuel is a partisan divider--this is not unity or reaching across the aisle. This was a liar and hatchet man.
Rahm Emmanuel is loyal to himself not the USA--I hope the same is not true of Barack.

Jesse,  11:47 PM  

Manny Flores is the best candidate for 5th District Congress to replace Rahm Emmanuel.

Yellow Dog Democrat 11:53 AM  

Rahm's leadership style isn't my leadership style. But "partisan divider"?? Let's remember that this is the guy who brought Congressional Democrats and Republicans together to pass NAFTA. But I guess that fact doesn't really fit into the GOP's "Socialist" storyline.

Aviva Gibbs 12:24 PM  

Good take, YDD.

Joshua,  2:35 PM  

This was no mistake on Emanuel's part. Rahm Emanuel has a long history of militarist ideology behind him. His father was a member of the ultra-right-wing terrorist organization Etzel that killed British civilians as part of their anti-British struggle in Palestine in the 1940s. Emanuel, himself a citizen of Israel as well as the United States, has been one of several Congressional leaders enforcing the "Israel Lobby" concensus on the Democrats, in the process shutting out the peace voices that believe Israel's security would be better served by the U.S. putting pressure on Israel to end the Occupation, move the Wall to inside the pre-67 boundaries, and remove the settlers from the West Bank or tell them to live there as Palestinian citizens.

Anonymous,  2:36 PM  

Rahm is bipartisan??!!! LOL Like holding the Foley story until October (not concerned about pages)
Or maybe when he leaked the 1950s mistress of Henry Hyde???!!!!
Or maybe when he was leaking bad stories (some of them lies) about Monica Lewinsky.
Rahm is the most partisan (yelled at FL Dems for not going after their Repub friends) as you can get. Rahm is about as immoral and dirty as you can get.

Yellow Dog Democrat 12:02 PM  

Anon - I never claimed Rahm is "bipartisan." But I will argue that he's mission-driven. When his mission was to bring Democrats and Republicans together to pass NAFTA, that's what he did. When his mission was to be partisan and elect a Democratic majority in Congress, that's what he did.

I think its pretty clear what his mission will be as Chief-of-Staff; we all heard Obama's election night speech, his plans to drive right down the middle of the American highway, and to be president of all of America, not just the people who voted for him.

I'm confident Rahm will do that, and I'm certain that Obama will move quickly to replace him if he's not up to the task.

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