Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kane's McConnaughay on bloggers

Kane County Board Chair Karen McConnaughay on bloggers in today's Daily Herald,

Part of the difficulty with the changing communication and political scene is the impact of unchecked blogging and the infusion of inexperienced candidates who spend entire campaigns on the attack, McConnaughay said.

"Because of blogging, people can say anything they want," McConnaughay said. "They don't have to justify it. They can just say it. If you're sitting in a position of incumbency you spend all your time trying to deconstruct the nonsense."

McConnaughay also said candidates should earn some basic government experience before running for high offices.

"There's less discipline in the parties to really groom people and really try them out," McConnaughay said. "Good places to try out candidates for offices are the library districts and park boards. You have people today who have this idea that they just feel like running for office and have no idea what the office is about. This isn't about the Democrats. It's about candidates in general no matter what party. Wouldn't you want to start by being a county board member or on your local city council?"
Sounds to me like McConnaughay has Oberweis in mind more than bloggers, and it sure wasn't unchecked mouths of bloggers that contributed to the defeat of the likes of Ruth Munson in the growing hispanic communities of Kane.

Kane GOP has problems but unchecked bloggers sure aren't part of it.

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Anonymous,  5:28 PM  

Bill, you are so right. McConnaughay must just be miffed that she and her donor cronies had to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of dollars to secure victory.

Early voting returns showed virtually a deadlock in vote returns. Word is she was notified of this and had a couple of mayors and her family member make calls on her behalf. It was probably a good call on her part.

As for the Oberweis candidacy, it was promoted by McConnaughays #1 promoter Dennis Hastert. When no one else would appear to step forward Oberweis played right into the Hastert clans hand and even financed most of his own race. That would be the definition of "heaven on earth." Defeating Lauzen may have been worth it but so many disappeared in the general election. Was Hastert encouraging McConnaughay to stand next to Oberwies? Doubt it nor would she.

Now she is telling the electorate and others who may be acceptable for them to approve to run against incumbents? Baffling.

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