Friday, November 14, 2008

The YouTube President

Valerie Jarrett talks about the decisions that the Transition team has made.

We also learned that President-elect Barack Obama (doesn't that feel good to say?) will be videotaping his weekly radio addresses to be posted on YouTube.

"This is just one of many ways that President-elect Obama will communicate directly with the American people and make the White House and the political process more transparent."


JB Powers 9:58 AM  

Stop the presses! President Obama will be using video! That is awesome!

This could really be the thing that puts America on the map. Rather than blathering mindless slogans on audio, we'll now have video.

That's high-tech! I am glad that one of the Rezko schemers was able to make this announcement to give it legitimacy, rather than just having a rumor floating that video technology may be coming soon.


Anonymous,  9:59 AM  

Will these be posted alongside Fr. Pfleger's and Rev Wright's lunatic rants?

Ron Huberman,  11:54 AM  

Valerie Jarret destroyed the CTA, now she can destroy the nation.

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