Saturday, November 15, 2008

End the Fed Rally Features McHenry County Leadership

The following press release has been received about two county leaders, one a member of the Cary Grade School District 26 board of education and the other the Chair of the Illinois Libertarian Party:

Chicago Edition of Nationwide End the Fed Rally Led by two County Residents

McHenry County residents Chris Jenner and Dave Brady are part of the organizing committee planning the Chicago End the Fed Rally to be held on November 22. Rallies will be held in 39 cities nationwide calling for abolishment of the Federal Reserve Banking System.

Many believe that the Federal Reserve is the primary cause of the current economic meltdown. The Fed is a private banking cartel, as much a part of the government as is Federal Express.

The Fed (responsible for our money) has never been audited. The Fed is currently refusing to honor a Freedom of Information Act request by Bloomberg News to disclose who received the $2 trillion on bailout money.

Information about the End the Fed Rally can be found here under Organizing Groups.

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Published first on McHenry County Blog.

Chris Jenner is seen defending District 26 taxpayers from the Village of Cary's TIF (Tax Increment Financing district) tax grab from his constituents.


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