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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - November 26, 2008

GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - November 26, 2008

-- ALL OF THE FRONT PAGE WITH A 5X10-INCH COLOR PICTURE OF THE RYANS AND A CHRISTMAS TREE: Laura Lynn Ryan's plea to President Bush: Bring George home for Christmas (DIERSEN: At the 2000 Illinois Republican Party (IRP) convention in Springfield, with voice choking, Laura Lynn Ryan argued that her husband must be innocent of all charges because he treated their grandchildren so well. Outrageously, anti-conservatives who continue to dominate the IRP, dominate the DuPage County Republican Party, dominate the Milton Township Republican Party, dominate etc., continue to argue that a) George Ryan, Scott Fawell, etc., are completely innocent and b) people who support the IRP platform, that is, conservatives like your GOPUSA Illinois Editor, caused all their problems and caused everyone else's problems.),CST-NWS-prison26.article
-- Statement by members of the Ryan trial team
-- No get-out-of-jail card for unrepentant Ryan - Editorial,CST-EDT-edit26a.article
-- An open letter to Sen. Durbin: Don't do it Asking Bush to free Ryan would profoundly break public trust - Mark Brown,CST-NWS-brown26.article
-- Durbin weighs asking Bush to commute ex-Gov. Ryan - Dave McKinney,bush-ryan-durbin-pardon-112508.article
-- Like 1930s, liberals must push Obama for progress - Colleen Doody,CST-EDT-open26b.article
-- Showing their hands Firms unveil plans as battle for state's last casino license heats up - Chris Fusco,CST-NWS-game26.article

-- McCain: Time for all to work together - Frank James
-- Obama pledges a 'new way of doing business' President-elect douses hopes for federal pork in Illinois, vows to scrutinize spending - John McCormick and Peter Nicholas,0,1604409.story
-- Durbin may seek commutation for ex-Illinois Governor George Ryan - Christopher Wills,0,6672994.story
-- Durbin may ask Bush to commute Ryan sentence Bush could be asked to free ex-governor from federal prison - Ray Long and Rick Pearson (FROM THE ARTICLE: But three former federal prosecutors who prosecuted Ryan in the licenses-for-bribes scandal said they opposed executive clemency for the former governor and noted he has never accepted responsibility for committing a crime. "A pardon or commutation for George Ryan would send a message to Illinois taxpayers and public servants that the consequences for public corruption in Illinois are less severe and would further fuel cynicism of our important institutions," Patrick Collins, Joel Levin and Zachary Fardon said in a statement. They said a pardon or commutation "would be a true disservice to all citizens of this state and to the judicial process."),0,1076596.story
-- No clemency for Ryan - Editorial,0,7925238.story
-- DuPage budget may rise 17 percent

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: DuPage County: Eckhoff, Healy, McBride, Redick, and Sheahan vote NO on Schillerstrom budget. Outrageously, the budget includes "$1 million for nonprofit agencies, which is a 50-percent increase over last year's spending; $300,000 to bolster area food pantries;" Taxpayers have every right to give money to whichever nonprofit agencies and food pantries they select. But government entities should not have the right to take money away from taxpayers to give that money to nonprofit agencies and food pantries that those government entities select.
-- Casino investors place their bets - Joseph Ryan
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: If asked who should be blamed for the increase in foreclosures, the Daily Herald would say old White male conservatives who drive American nameplate cars and pay lots of real estate taxes and income taxes
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Daily Herald uses Thanksgiving to promote "diversity." Is there anything that the Daily Herald does not use to promote "diversity?"
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Democrat Party controlled Daily Herald argues that the Democrat Party controlled U.S. Congress should follow the Democrat Party controlled Obama
-- Obama win symbol of political skulduggery and manipulation - George Kocan, Warrenville

-- Wright Speaks Out About Obama, Media

-- Will George Ryan Get A Bush Pardon? Sen. Durbin Considers Making Request To President - Dana Kozlov (Includes video clip)

-- Depression survivors knew what to be thankful for, do we? - Fran Eaton,112608eaton.article

-- State Capitol Q&A for new Senate leaders - Adriana Colindres

-- DuPage County Board approves $481 million spending plan for 2009 - Dan Petrella

-- DuPage County Board approves 2009 budget Chairman's reductions swayed vote - Paige Winfield,6_1_NA26_COUNTY_S1.article

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Brad Alexander of Aurora should acknowledge that the Republican Party's problems are caused by a) its policy of letting people who reject most if not all of the Republican Party platform hold leadership positions in the party and b) people getting elected as Republicans who reject most if not all of the Republican Party platform.,2_4_AU26_OPENLINE_S1.article
-- Towns deride new state plan to keep money meant for locals Emergency act: Governor may grab income tax dollars - Steve Lord,2_1_AU26_LETTER_S1.article

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Democrat Allen Van Note sets an outstanding example for DuPage County Democrats -- he moves to Democrat Austin, where Democrat values flourish, and works hard there to elect Obama. Outrageously, some Democrats move to Republican DuPage County, where Republican values flourish, and unethically claim to be Republican, unethically become Republican precinct committeemen, unethically become Republican party leaders, and spend most or all their time unethically demonizing and denigrating people like your GOPUSA Illinois Editor who support the Republican Party platform.

-- Cook County early voting turnout reveals social, economic disparities - Jen Thomas

-- Berkowitz w/Senator Dillard on Caprio, Cullerton, Radogno and Deficits

-- The Age of Obama - a Déjà Vu of the FDR Era that Didn’t Solve the Depression or Unemployment.

-- Part I: Will Obama Bring Roots to Daley Machine and Long Line of Political Corruption to Washington, D.C.? - Daniel T. Zanoza

-- Has Senator Bill Brady really "outfoxed" himself? - Fran Eaton
-- Brady responds to Roeser's "outfoxing" accusations - Fran Eaton
-- New GOP leader Radogno plans loyal opposition - Fran Eaton
-- Should Bush commute G.Ryan's prison time? - Fran Eaton


-- JOHN GIZZI: Illinois: Brady Part of Gubernatorial Bunch "As governor, I want to help business thrive, help families grow and prosper, regain trust and unify Illinois." So wrote Illinois GOP State Sen. Bill Brady just days after Democrats led by favorite son Barack Obama swept the Prairie State. Coupled with an appeal to the President-Elect to retain Patrick Fitzgerald as U.S. attorney in Chicago, Brady became the first Republican to declare for the governorship held by scandal-tarred, two-term Democrat Rod Blagojevich. A moderate-to-conservative from Bloomington, the affable Brady made a late-starting but strong bid for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in ’06. In the race won by moderate State Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka (who lost badly to Blagojevich in November), Brady placed third with 18 percent of the vote. The fourth-place finisher (11 percent) in that race, fellow conservative and former Helene Curtis chief executive officer Ron Gidwitz, is also reportedly eyeing another run for the statehouse. Doug Whitley, former head of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce and considered more moderate than Gidwitz or Brady, is also said to be exploring a gubernatorial bid.

-- Thanksgiving, Obama, and the Pilgrims - Mark Tooley

-- The Anti-Obama Ad Campaign That Never Happened - Michael Scherer,8599,1861831,00.html?iid=tsmodule

-- Gays mostly vote Democrat, figures show - Lisa Keen

-- The Conservative Movement Will Rise Again, Grover Norquist Writes
(THE ARTICLE: We have seen this before. After the Republicans lost elections in 1964 with Barry Goldwater, in 1974 following Richard Nixon and Watergate, and in 1976 and 1992 when Jimmy Carter and then Bill Clinton won the White House with unified Democrat control of Congress, the establishment cried out: "The GOP must move left. The conservative movement is dead." They were wrong. We moved forward to Reagan Republicanism—lower taxes, limited government, fewer regulations, and a strong national defense. Conservatism won elections. This will not permanently harm conservatism any more than Nixon did when he raised taxes, created new agencies, and instituted wage and price controls. He and Bush eschewed the Founding Fathers' principles of limited government, low taxes, and a strong national defense that we "conserve." Yes, with the help of hundreds of millions of dollars of coerced union dues and with millions of dollars of political grants to groups like ACORN, the now-famous vote-fraud facilitator, Barack Obama and the Democrats won this election. John McCain and the GOP were handcuffed with something called Feingold-McCain, which limited neither union nor taxpayer financing. But Obama ran as Reagan in his TV ads, saying he would cut taxes and accusing McCain of favoring higher taxes. Obama said that he would cut spending to offset any new spending. And where is America? Exit polling found that 34 percent of Americans call themselves conservative, 44 percent moderate, and only 22 percent liberal. America wants center-right governance but will get left-wing government. A November 9 Rasmussen poll found Americans divided 43 to 41 percent favoring Democrats over the GOP on the generic congressional ballot. Two percent? Some landslide. Some mandate. This is not a disappearing party. There are two models before Republicans and conservatives. In October 1990, President George H. W. Bush hammered out with the Democrats a bipartisan $137 billion tax hike and $274 billion in promised spending cuts. The cuts never happened - spending actually rose $22 billion. Voters fired Bush in 1992. Republicans who put their fingerprints on tax and spending increases are punished. Bipartisan big government hurts the GOP. In 1993, Clinton and the Democrats passed a tax hike on income, gasoline, Social Security recipients, small businesses, and investors. They increased federal spending for welfare giveaways to state and local governments by $250 billion over a five-year period. Not a single Republican joined in the tax hikes and spending spree. In November 1994, Republicans won the House and Senate. The lessons learned from the past: Don't let the establishment left fool conservatives into quitting popular policies of lower spending, limited government, and no tax hikes. And when in the congressional minority, don't rush to make bad policy bipartisan bad policy. The GOP and conservative principles will win in 2010 when America learns that "Obama" is simply French for "Carter and Clinton": More spending, taxes, and regulation and fewer jobs. Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi have never supported a policy that would increase your 401(k) or American jobs. Ideas they have pushed have already reduced your 401(k), jobs, and investment in America. They are the tribunes for the trial lawyers, the labor union bosses, and the big-city machines, three parasite groups. They live off the income and wealth created by others. They want you to pay more union dues, higher taxes, and legal bills. Obama, Reid, and Pelosi will deliver what they want—not what America thought it voted for.)

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