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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - November 2, 2008

Only 2 days until the election!

-- Me, Barack and Nov. 5 - Senator Chris Lauzen,2_4_AU02_LAUZEN_S1.article
(THE COMMENTARY: There is an exhilarating exchange of positive energy when people serving in public office smile and shake hands with crowds of people at parades and picnics. But it never fails to jolt me when someone sees "Republican" on my shirt or a button, refuses to shake my hand and waves me off saying, "Oh no, no -- I'm a Democrat!" -- as if each of us is from a different planet. As cheerily as I can, I extend my hand even farther, reassuring them whether it's the 4th of July or some other Hometown Days celebration, "But today all of us are Americans." Nearly half the voting population is going to grit their teeth and need to remember this essential point on Nov. 5. I am not running for office on Tuesday, but my bias is obvious and I gladly lay it on the table so that friends and neighbors can accurately assess the rest of what I say. I endorse all Republicans who tell the truth, keep commitments and build rather than destroy. Those who are most true to our negotiated Republican platform vote pro-life, pro-Constitution (including the 2nd Amendment), pro-traditional family, pro-employment, anti-corruption and anti-tax increase on behalf of constituents. We reach out to independents and Democrats when they produce candidates who stand for strong national defense, protection of the U.S. Constitution, common-sense fiscal and traditional social values, and when they refuse to enrich themselves, their families or their friends through service in public office. I will vote for John McCain because, as a soldier, he demonstrated his loyalty and love for our country. As a prisoner of war, he showed the proper character of sacrifice. In his youth, he learned his limitations as a human being and came to a full understanding and appreciation of his family's honorable tradition. As an independent-minded Republican, he showed that he also has political backbone, both firmness and resilience. As president, he will balance Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid during a time when checks and balances on centralized federal government are crucial. One-party rule is a disaster for citizens, no matter where it occurs and no matter which party is in charge. Washington Republicans Bush-Cheney-Hastert-Lott gave us protracted war, record-setting deficits, fund-raising and lobbying scandals, the Mark Foley affair with Congressional pages, and a breach of trust so serious that it led to political humiliation and Democrat majorities in the House and Senate two years ago. Springfield-Chicago Democrats Blagojevich-Jones-Madigan, with their circus-like corrupt mismanagement, have made Illinois state government the laughingstock of our nation. If you like arrogant exercise of power in Daley's Chicago, high-tax, low-productivity corruption of Todd Stroger's Cook County and the incompetent dishonesty of Blagojevich's Springfield, then you should send another product that the Chicago machine has spawned to the White House. As the twig is bent, so grows the tree. I worked for eight years with Barack Obama in the state Senate. Although I love the "promise" of his campaign, like him as a person and respect the political brilliance of his primary struggle with the Clintons, the only two memories I have of his legislative work were his requirement that local police officers must record the race of any person they ticket or arrest, and his uncompromising defense of the most brutal extremes of abortion. Colin Powell says that Obama could be a transformational leader, but how will our country be transformed? Some people say Barack is like a blank slate upon which others project their aspirations -- the people and philosophies that he will take to Washington will concretely affect your family: Taxes will go up dramatically when Obama allows the Bush tax cuts to expire and raises capital gains tax rates by 33 percent. Support for tax increases was his record in Springfield and, based on more than 30 years of my experience with tax policy, the promise that only "the rich" will pay more is preposterously naive. Judges with much more extreme views than yours will be appointed for life to the Supreme Court. Economic policies that redistribute your earnings rather than promote growth for all will be put in place. Hiding behind minorities and the poor, elites will rule us. Government agencies will intimidate citizens who dare to question, like Joe the Plumber did, and the media will protect administration allies (L.A. Times: Khalidi tape, 2008) while punishing its opponents (L.A. Times: Jack Ryan sealed divorce documents, 2004). That is the Chicago way. Twelve million to 15 million illegal immigrants will receive amnesty and voting rights. The permanent political and (Constitution) structural effects of decisions made in fear during this current crisis are far more serious than the temporary financial effects we are suffering. I pray for our country and wish both candidates well, now and on Nov. 5.)
-- Medical coverage for older children Employers fear increased cost as state raises age for insurance benefits - Christine Moyer,2_1_AU02_HEALTHCARE_S1.article

-- Patrick Fitzgerald's future tied to election results - John Kass,0,6826493.column
-- Congressional candidates scramble in suburbs for votes - Monique Garcia
-- Not every candidate wants the pull of political coattails Candidates want Obama pull, shun Blagojevich - Rick Pearson,0,7151834.story
-- Kirk, Seals drum up support in final push for North Shore congressional seat - Monique Garcia,0,5565175.story
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Steve Chapman blames all past, present, and future problems on Bush,0,7065586.column

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: The Daily Herald knows full well that Republican leadership should get full credit for DuPage County's prosperity and safety. The Daily Herald knows full well that to take advantage of prosperity and safety that Republican leaders provide in DuPage County, Democrats flee the poverty and crime in Cook and other counties that Democrats control. Nevertheless, the Daily Herald outrageously demonizes Republican leadership of DuPage County as being a "stranglehold." Why isn't the Daily Herald demonizing the poverty-creating crime-creating "stranglehold" that Democrats have on Cook County and on Illinois?
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Steven W. Fry of Lisle outrageously argues that Republican leadership should not get credit for DuPage County's prosperity and safety. He argues that "We the People" should get the credit. What did Fry do to bring prosperity and safety to DuPage County? What did any Democrat do to bring prosperity and safety to DuPage County? Outrageously, far too many Republican-hating Democrats who hypocritically came to and stay in Republican DuPage County spend most of their time demonizing and denigrating DuPage County and America and doing what they can to promote poverty, crime, and hatred of America.
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: The Daily Herald puts its spin on Senate races in District 21 and 42 and House races in Districts 41, 46, 48, 55, 56, 83, and 96
-- Manzullo, Abboud differ sharply on issues in 16th - Robert McCoppin
-- Candidates should buy American goods - Bruce R. Pfaff, Barrington Hills
-- Some questions need to be asked of Obama - Bill K. Walsh, Naperville

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Blagojevich and the Democrats have done tremendous damage to all of Illinois. However, outstandingly, local Republican candidates have done an outstanding job of mitigating the damage that DuPage County residents have to suffer. Beyond outrageously, many DuPage County voters do not appreciate that. Needless-to-say, DuPage County voters should not punish local Republican candidates for problems they might have with Bush, McCain, or Palin.,6_1_NA02_DEMS_S1.article
-- Naperville schools step up security for Election Day,6_1_NA02_SECURITY_S1.article

-- Obama says he didn't know aunt's illegal status - AP
-- Last minute surprises on the campaign trail - Ben Bradley

-- Obama Unaware "Auntie Zeituni" in U.S. Illegally Democratic candidate "obviously believes . . . appropriate laws should be followed"
-- McCain Lampoons His Own Campaign on 'SNL' Prez. hopeful humorously outlines several maverick strategies on Weekend Update

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Poll of early voters done by Obama promoters promotes Obama
-- Obama: I Didn't Know Kenyan Aunt's Illegal Status

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Tom Bevan of Real Clear Politics argues like someone who has always been, is now, and always will be on the Democrat Party's payroll,CST-EDT-open02.article

-- Illinois probably won't be all blue Tuesday - Mike Riopell

-- Big day is almost here; time for some predictions - Bernard Schoenburg
-- FROM THE ARTICLE: “Statistically, Senator Obama was on the high end of failing to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ but there were many other fine legislators who voted ‘present’ about the same number of times as Senator Obama,” said Sen. Kirk Dillard, a Hinsdale Republican who supports John McCain for president but appeared in a campaign commercial for Obama earlier this year.
-- Patrick Buchanan: Some Obama ideas surely put him in socialist camp

-- Forby, Burzynski bring in contributions in fight for 59th District - Adam Testa
-- Our choice: John McCain deserves your vote

-- More ways to help John McCain and Sarah Palin win the battleground states - Doug Ibendahl

-- Minutemen's Pulido Cuts Robocall For Forte-Scott - Josh Kalven

-- Bill Ayers Dedicated His 1974 Book to RFK's Assassin - Peter Barry Chowka

-- Obama 1995 Video: Rev. Wright Represents The Best of What The Black Church Has to Offer - Kerry Picket

-- OUTSTANDING: Pennsylvania GOP airs Wright ad - Alex Roarty

-- Pennsylvania GOP: Obama Wrong on Wright

-- Obama mocks Cheney endorsement of McCain

-- McCain pokes fun at campaign in 'SNL' visit

-- Romney cheers on McCain vote despite polls - Steve Lynn

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