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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - November 6, 2008

-- FROM THE ARTICLE: Following Tuesday's election, Senate Minority Leader Frank Watson (R-Greenville) announced he's decided to step down from GOP leadership after a recent stroke. . .In the Senate, Watson's departure means Republicans could make history by appointing the first woman to lead a legislative party caucus. Sen. Christine Radogno (R-Lemont) confirmed she's making a play for the job, touting her budget expertise and suburban experience. "I'm in good position," she said. Veteran Sen. Kirk Dillard (R-Hinsdale) said he is "open" to the idea and would "devote every ounce of energy that I have to the position." The next Senate Republican leader needs to be able to raise money and represent the caucus well before the press, especially in Chicago, said Dillard, a former DuPage County Republican chairman.
-- Scramble for leadership spots in Springfield - Ray Long
-- Leadership void in state Senate Both parties seek to fill vacancies - Ray Long,0,1301689.story
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Chicago Tribune gives DuPage County Democrat Party Chairman Robert Peickert the opportunity to comment on the election, but it seems the Chicago Tribune did not give the same opportunity to DuPage County Republican Party Chairman Dan Cronin or Vice Chairman Pat Durante.,0,6005272.story
-- After 5 election defeats, Oberweis 'currently has no plans to run for office' Wealthy Sugar Grove businessman fails to unseat U.S. Rep. Bill Foster - James Kimberly,0,7678113.story
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Republicans are mad at those Republican candidates, those Republican elected officials, and those Republican party leaders who harmed the party by refusing/failing to advance the party's platform,0,1309874.story
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: BEYOND OUTRAGEOUS: 54% of Catholics, 43% of frequent churchgoers, and 26% of White evangelicals voted for Obama,0,2817080.story

-- 107, 945 to 146,708: Morgenthaler concedes to Roskam
-- Dillard and Radogno hope to lead Senate GOP - Joseph Ryan
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: FRONT PAGE WITH COLOR PHOTOS OF ENGER, GONZALEZ, & MICHELASSI: Earlier this year, the DuPage County Democrat Party outrageously and insultingly slated an obviously unqualified "23-year-old grocery store photo clerk" to run as a Democrat for DuPage County Board District 5. Outrageously and insultingly, 32,124 anti-Republicans who are hypocritically taking advantage of the prosperity and safety that Republicans provide in DuPage County's 5th District elected that "23-year-old grocery store photo clerk" to represent them on the DuPage County Board. How many of those 32,124 anti-Republicans will admit that they voted for a "23-year-old grocery store photo clerk?"
(FROM THE ARTICLE: County board Chairman Robert Schillerstrom has reached out to the Democrats to congratulate them on their victories. He said having multiple Democrats on the board for the first time since the 1970s isn't much different from having anyone new on the board. "Everyone who comes onto the board is different from who we've seen before," he said. "Philosophies are not as important as problem-solving." Schillerstrom said the "fates aligned" to help the Democrats win three seats Tuesday. The combination of being in Obama's home state, the poor economy and being atop the ballot helped, he said. "But if you look at it, of the 12 open seats only one incumbent was not re-elected," he said. "I don't think that's a referendum for change in local government." In fact, only board member Yolanda Campuzano was unseated Tuesday by Gonzalez. In Michelassi's and Enger's districts retiring board members opened seats there, and the two incumbent Republicans in those races also won. "It could have been much worse," said former DuPage GOP Chairman state Sen. Kirk Dillard. "Losing just three out of 18 board seats along with keeping every countywide elected office would be the envy of virtually every county Republican organization elsewhere.")
-- Still waiting for Obama coattails - John Patterson and Joseph Ryan
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Republicans similarly credited to Obama their county board losses in Lake and DuPage. "Senator Obama's impact was that he balloons turnout of new voters and minorities but there is very little personal coattails left in American politics," said state Sen. Kirk Dillard, a Hinsdale Republican. Dillard projected the GOP would make a comeback, pointing to past Democratic intrusions onto the DuPage County Board following voters dissatisfaction with Republicans in the wake of Watergate. "That has happened before in DuPage County," said Dillard, "and we quickly reclaimed those seats.")
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Daily Herald outrageously demonizes and denigrates America as a nation that needs healing because of McCain and his supporters. What about Obama supporters who argued that if you didn't vote for Obama, you are a racist?
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Daily Herald again outrageously argues that Whites have caused, are causing, and will continue to cause all problems that Blacks have. =
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD WITH 9X7-INCH COLOR PICTURE OF TWO NUNS, A CHILD, AND AN OBAMA POSTER IN ROME: Daily Herald publishes 22 positive "quotes" from foreign leaders about Obama. Of course, these foreign leaders were told to not come right out and say that America is responsible for all the world's past, present, and future problems.
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-- Presidential coattails didn’t stretch to Springfield - Greg Hinz
-- VIDEO CLIP: The Day After

-- Dem dollars help oust Hassert $340,000 contribution helps pay for McAsey's aggressive campaign - Guy Tridgell,110608hassert.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Obama gets 58% of the vote in Crete Township. Diersen's ancestors have lived in Crete Township since the 1854. My mother and brother continue to live in Crete in a home my grandfather built in 1926 on land my great great grandfather purchased in 1864.,110608turnout.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Marlene Lang demonizes and denigrates everyone and everything, but especially Bush,110408lang.article

-- Illinois GOP says it's bucking Democratic wave - John O'Connor
-- Watson stepping down as Illinois Senate minority leader - Kurt Erickson

-- Democrats prosper in Illinois election battles - Mike Riopell

-- Schock could be next "poster child" for GOP, LaHood says - Karen McDonald

-- Radogno eyes Senate's top GOP spot - Jennifer Zimmerman,do-radogno-110508-s1.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Obama promoting Pioneer Local makes its editorial that promotes Obama and DuPage County Democrats look like a news article,do-electquotes-110508-s1.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: More evidence that public education employees focus on creating "good little Democrats" rather than teaching,ni-207mockelect-110608-s1.article
-- Froehlich prevails in 56th - Todd Shields,sc-56thfinal-110408-s1.article

-- Munson concedes House race to Farnham Final tallies put Farnham ahead just 322 votes to beat incumbent - David Gialanella,3_1_EL06_A3MUNSON_S1.article

-- Grundy County Board: 23-year-old's win is one for the books - Christina Chapman,4_1_JO06_LY_S1.article
-- Republicans lose footing in Will County - Stewart Warren,4_1_JO05_DEMGAINS_S1.article

-- FROM THE ARTICLE: On the Republican side, there are three or four potential candidates who may be interested in the top post. Among them are Sens. Dale Righter of Mattoon and Christine Radogno of Lemont.

-- Millner: Springfield Gridlock on National Scale? - Chip Mitchell

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: ABC7 promotes Obama and Obama's DuPage County supporters, again (Includes video clip)

-- Illinois GOP says it's bucking Democratic wave - AP

-- Greenberg: 'Just One Of Those Years' - Richard Mayer

-- McHenry County: Democrat president, Republican representatives - Kevin Craver

-- Democrats make Illinois House gains but not veto-proof - Dennis Conrad

-- Illinois GOP ignored every tsunami warning – again (Part 1) - Doug Ibendahl

-- McCain Lost because He Failed to Expose Obama’s Far Left Record on Abortion and Homosexual ‘Marriage’ - Peter LaBerbera

-- The President We Deserve.

-- Turn the Page on the IL GOP - Fran Eaton
-- Can a Conservative win in Illinois? - Tom Swiss
-- Marriage wins in three more states - David Smith

-- Lobbying amps up for Obama seat - Kevin Bogardus
-- AFTER PROMISING EVERYTHING TO GET ELECTED: Democrats lower expectations - Mike Soraghan

-- As the Dust Settles - Bobby Eberle

-- The Reign of Lame Falls Mainly on McCain - Ann Coulter

-- Life will not go on - Jill Stanek

-- Pollsters Inflated Obama Lead - David Patten

-- GOP tries to figure out its future - Palin certainly 'in the mix' - Joe Garofoli

-- The Treatment of Bush Has Been a Disgrace What must our enemies be thinking? - Jeffrey Shapiro

-- The Coming Obama-Press War It's inevitable. - Jack Shafer

-- Kenyans bask in the glory of 'native son' - Karamagi Rujumba

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Dan Gerstein argues that Obama and the Democrats are smart enough that they will not "overeach," at least in the short run

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Exit polls show that Obama won the election because countries, organizations, and people that wanted Obama to win succeeded in driving American's stock market and economy down during October.

-- Closing the door on victimhood - Joan Vennochi

-- Illinois governor coy about taking Obama's Senate seat

-- Obama and Preferences It's time to move past racial quotas. - Editorial
-- Voters and Marriage The people have spoken – again. - Editorial

-- Who should speak for Illinois' conservatives, that is, for Illinois' "platform Republicans?"
Who would Illinois' conservatives, that is, Illinois' "platform Republicans," like to see as the next leader of the Republicans in the Illinois Senate? Who should the lead spokesperson be for Illinois' platform Republicans who would speak for them on issues like that? Of course, he/she should not be one of the many past or present Illinois Republican Party (IRP) leaders, elected officials, and candidates who blame the party's problems on its platform and on those who support it. Of course, he/she should not be a member of the Combine, work for a Combine member, want to be a Combine member, or lack what it takes to stand up to the Combine. Of course, he/she should not be anyone who the Democrat Party/Combine dominated Illinois news media wants, but nevertheless, someone who the Illinois news media will routinely a) respond to when they issue press releases, b) attend their press conferences, c) seek their position on current issues, and d) fairly report what they say about those issues. Of course, he/she should not be anyone who works against candidates who can and will advance the IRP platform. Of course, he/she should be someone who helps elect candidates who can and will advance the IRP platform. Of course, he/she should be someone who knows the IRP platform, is an outstanding communicator, can and will devote the necessary time and money to the role, and has demonstrated that he/she can and will unite people and unite organizations to achieve the common good. Of course, because the Democrat Party platform is outrageously anti-conservative, he/she should not have done anything to help elect a Democrat.

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