Monday, November 10, 2008

The New Look and a New Website Effort for Tom Cross


The new look is great. Nice redesign and the new items added are really helpful.

I do have to say I like the red background.

Interested in everyone's thought's on the new Draft Tom Cross website. More after the jump.

Seems that it's was announced yesterday on Jake Parrillo's blog Rhodes School.

For those with the short term memory affliction Jake was one of the first "inside player" bloggers in the State when he worked for Tom back a couple of years ago. When I say "inside player" I mean he was a paid staffer of the Minority Leader's office.

I respect Jake alot. He has developed a good website and anyone else out there that is a Republican and thinking about running better get their internet shoes on and start jogging because I know if Jake is behind this he is already starting to run. I would also have to say this is a direct response to seeing the type of long term community building online that Obama did and how in the end it pays off.

Now we just need to get County GOP Chairmen to see things that way as well.


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