Sunday, November 09, 2008

We had the Devil's own Day

"We had the Devil's own day, didn't we, Grant?"

"Yes, lick 'em tomorrow, though."

And that is the attitude that is needed in Illinois today, by conservatives. Lick 'em in 2010. And it ought not to be such a tough job.

The state of the state is a mess, to put it mildly. Today's news shows that a large suburban Medicaid provider may well go bankrupt. They are CUTTING medical services to the poor. Why? The State of Illinois has not paid them in a month or so, it seems. The Governor's temper tantrum is costing jobs, and REDUCING medical care to those who can least afford it.

His claim of expanded care is a reality of REDUCED care for the poor.

And that is the fault of Kathleen Bergan Schmidt.

Well, at least that is the campaign message I will send. I can't spend 20 million on TV ads.

I can however work to increase registration among groups that are likely to vote conservative.

I can make sure that local Ds get hit with each and every shortcoming from Chicago and State Democrats.

Think globally, act locally. Certainly the act locally part is important.

Good government, which places like McHenry county has generally delivered was washed overboard by national issues. So be it.

Now, there is no cover. And I will make sure that local Ds get hit with each and every fault, state and national.

At least I will try as hard as I can.

The bottom line is, conservatives need to show some electoral teeth.


DuPage Saint,  7:37 AM  

Grant had a plan, that puts him one up on the Illinois Republicans who have neither a plan nor a clue.

Bill 7:46 AM  

Take your best shot. We'll be there to make sure that the interests of the people prevail. Illinois is NOT a right wing state. It is time for you and your buddies to wake up and admit that your failed economic policies are the reason for our nation's and our state's crisis. The politics of the past are over. The citizens of Illinois demand solutions, not the right wing finger pointing and blame games of the past.The politics of anger have been discredited, both nationally and locally.

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