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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - November 13, 2008

GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - November 13, 2008

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Tired of creating "good little Democrats," Democrat parents and teachers in Oak Park now create hate-filled intolerant thugs who demonize, denigrate, and threaten Republicans. They a) call Republicans "very stupid," b) say they should "go die," c) say they "should be killed," d) say they should be put up on a cross for their political beliefs, e) say they "should be crucified," f) say they should be "burned," g) say they are "filthy-rich," and h) say they support plans to "kill Obama.",0,2881384.column
-- JONAH GOLDBERG: (Bush's) much-touted "compassionate conservatism" was rejected by many on the right as a slap to traditional conservatives and an intellectual betrayal of Reaganite principles. It was a rhetorical capitulation to Bill Clinton's feel-your-pain political posturing and an embrace of the assumptions that have been the undergirding of liberalism since the New Deal. That is, the measure of one's compassion is directly proportionate to one's support for large and costly government programs.,0,2019346.story
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Elephants are the symbol of the Republican Party. No Republican would ever mistreat an elephant. So the proposed elephant ordinance must be aimed at anti-Republicans.,0,338335.story
-- Gerrymandering: They win, you lose - Editorial
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-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Mike Flannery again promotes Democrat Obama and again cites Republican Dillard's promotion of Democrat Obama. (Includes video clip)

-- Virtually all the members of the news media who claim to be non-partisan did everything they could to help a) McCain win the Republican presidential primary election, b) help Obama win the Democrat presidential primary election, and c) help Obama win the general election. Many members of the news media helped McCain because they viewed him as being an anti-Republican. If you do things to help a candidate win an election, you are a partisan. Members of the news media who claim to be non-partisan should be required to complete this questionnaire:, post their detailed responses on their website, and update that website posting at least annually. Your GOPUSA Illinois Editor does not claim to be non-partisan. - Dave Diersen

-- Illinois Senate up for grabs - Joseph Ryan
-- DuPage Co. board sets $12 mil for capital improvements - Jake Griffin
-- Suburbs better state at minding budgets - Editorial
-- Burt Constable: Hop aboard, Barack Obama voters. Jump on, Democrats. African-Americans, civil rights activists and historians sit up front, just behind benches reserved for those with disabilities. Find a seat, progressives, feminists and abortion rights supporters. There's even a spot on this blue bandwagon for formerly red suburbanites. Whoa! Not so fast, gays.
-- Economy, smoking ban snuff casino profits Elgin's Grand Victoria sees biggest drop locally - John Patterson
-- State could pick three casino finalists Friday - Rob Olmstead
-- Waiting for the bumper sticker "Don't blame me - I voted for McCain" - Garth C. Taylor, Bensenville
-- Does Obama know any normal people? - Andrea Koshaba, Elk Grove Village

-- Obama Effect: Minorities rock Europe with demands for change Nov. 4 changed France forever, activist says - Jamey Keaten,CST-NWS-obeffect13.article
-- Must Obama's Senate replacement be black? - Roger Simon,CST-EDT-simon13.article

-- After Emil Jones walks, don't let money still talk - Editorial
-- Leadership derby underway in Illinois Senate - Kurt Erickson and Mike Riopell

-- Schaumburg Township voters mirror state presidential choices - Todd Shields,sc-township-111308-s1.article
-- Roskam wins in votes, fundraising - Josh Singer,sc-6thdistrict-111308-s1.article
-- Shifting politics in Park Ridge: Obama, Kotowski -- and Mulligan - Jennifer Johnson,pr-localresults-111308-s1.article
-- Chicago and Cook County carries Obama in his presidential win - Alan Schmidt,no-obamawin-111308-s1.article
-- Maine South students rallied votes for Obama - Jennifer Johnson,no-obamakids-111308-s1.article
-- Kotowski carries all parts of 33rd district - Jennifer Johnson,no-kotowski3-111308-s1.article
-- Evanston voters backed Obama by huge margin - Bob Seidenberg,ev-analysis-111308-s1.article

-- Obama friend Giannoulias says it’s all ‘unbelievable’ - Bernard Schoenburg
-- FROM THE ARTICLE: Republicans, meanwhile, had to scramble more to find a replacement for Watson, who announced just last week he wouldn’t return as leader after suffering a stroke. Their winner needs just 12 of the 22 GOP votes, but there’s no frontrunner right now. They also hoped for a quick choice without any infighting and hope for more cooperation under new Senate leadership, while acknowledging there’s a downside to Democrats working together. “They could all get along, and then I think we’d really be run in the ground,” said Sen. Dale Risinger, R-Peoria. “The good news is that they don’t get along, and so nothing happens. That’s better than some of the things they want to do.”

-- Minorities grow in political power with Obama win - Jessica Dill

-- Six Years After Defeat, Dillard Eyes Illinois Senate Post - Sam Hudzik

-- Senate session focuses on picking new party leaders - Ryan Keith

-- Beltway Roundup: Obama's election has immediate impact on Illinois - Edward Felker

-- DuPage County Board debates funding for projects - Paige Winfield,6_1_NA13_COUNTY_S1.article
-- DuPage County collects $2.3 billion in taxes,6_1_NA13_TAX_S1.article

-- Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times: It Gives Me Great Joy II.

-- A nation of emasculated sissies

-- The Catholic connection to Barack Obama - Phyllis Schlafly

-- Vote on State-Subsidized Homosexual High School Looms - Laurie Higgins

-- The Bail-Out: A Scam of the American People and a Feathery Bed for Politicians - Daniel T. Zanoza

-- Gov. Crist: GOP Should Embrace Reagan Roots - Tim Collie

-- Despite Campaign Claim, Obama Told Paper He Attended Trinity Church ‘Every Week’ - Fred Lucas

-- The Jewish Vote in 2008 and the Exit Polls - Richard Baehr

-- Obama surfs through The Obamas are a warm vision for the White House -- but he should strive toward full transparency. Plus: Yes, I still like Sarah Palin! - Camille Paglia

-- Lefty Camille Paglia Sees the Light
-- Media mum on Obama chief of staff's political baggage - Chad Groening

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Increasingly, it seems that Hispanics are race based voters, that is, they vote for whichever political party or whichever politician promises to give them the most preference. The Democrat Party and Obama promised to give them more preference than the Republican Party and McCain promised to give them, so it seems that they voted for Democrats and they voted for Obama.

-- For a Washington Job, Be Prepared to Tell All - Jackie Calmes
-- Picking Obama Successor Puts Spotlight (Good for a Change) on Governor Blagojevich - Monica Davey

-- Chapter Two Of The Greatest Electoral Fraud In History - Herb Denenberg


-- OUTSTANDING: Senator Carol Pankau to speak at TAPROOT breakfast meeting Saturday, November 15 - Dave Diersen
All Republicans are invited to attend TAPROOT's breakfast meeting Saturday, November 15, in the North meeting room of the Old Country Buffet restaurant at 551 East Roosevelt Road in Lombard. The restaurant opens at 8:00 AM and the meeting starts at 8:30 AM. Attendees need to purchase a $10 all-you-can-eat meal ticket. TAPROOT is honored that Senator Carol Pankau will speak at the meeting. The Senate is meeting this week and she will be in an excellent position to brief meeting attendees on what is happening in Springfield, including competition to fill the Senate Republican leadership position. Phone Dave Diersen at 630-653-0462 or George Kocan at 630-393-6401 if any questions.

-- November Milton Township Republican Central Committee monthly meeting attendees include Bolds, Bucholz, Carlson, Coladipietro, Connelly, Crane, Cresswell, Earl, Eckhoff, Edwards, Falbo, Fawell, Formento, Fortner, French, Hage, Heidorn, Hinkle, Jorgensen, Kachiroubas, Koch, Larsen, Lofgren, McKillip, Menna, Muehlfelt, Murphy, Olson, Pihos, Ruscitti, Sanchez, Sexton, Smith, Stock, Whelan, and Zaruba - Dave Diersen
The Milton Township Republican Central Committee (MTRCC) held its monthly meeting Wednesday evening, November 12, at its beautiful election headquarters at the NW corner of Roosevelt and President in Wheaton. MTRCC Chairman Mike Formento conducted the outstanding meeting which was attended by 54 precinct committeemen. Past and present elected officials, candidates, and party leaders who attended included Alan Bolds, Fred Bucholz, Lori Carlson, Franco Coladipietro, Tina Connelly, Lynn Crane, Bob Earl, Grant Eckhoff, Chris Edwards, Sal Falbo, Jeff Fawell, Mike Formento, Mike Fortner, Dorothy French, Chris Hage, Chris Heidorn, Gail Hinkle, Ann Jorgensen, Chris Kachiroubas, Georgia Koch, Bob Larsen, Dagmar Lofgren, Brian McKillip, Ron Menna, Gary Muehlfelt, Barb Murphy, Debra Olson, Sandra Pihos, Darlene Ruscitti, Leonard Sanchez, Elizabeth Sexton, Ron Smith, Rick Stock, Tim Whelan, and John Zaruba.

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