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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - November 8, 2008

-- Obama Calls Nancy Reagan To Apologize For Joke

-- Wright rips media in Northwestern University talk Says he has admired Obama 20 years - Art Golab,CST-NWS-wright08.article
-- Hiring Emanuel shows Obama's hand - Carol Marin,CST-EDT-carol09.article
-- Liberal activists have long legislative wish list - AP,CST-NWS-Wish08.article
-- Obama aunt from Kenya to fight deportation - AP,CST-NWS-aunt08.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: 447 homicides so far this year in Democrat dominated Chicago. Why is crime always higher in areas dominated by Democrats? Why do Democrats flee areas dominated by Democrats to take advantage of the prosperity and safety in areas dominated by Republicans?,two-teens-shot-englewood-110708.article
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Anti-Americans hate America and they especially hate America's automotive industry. They know that if they can destroy America's automotive industry, they can destroy America. So, if you want curry favor with those who want to destroy America, badmouth America's automotive industry.,CST-FIN-autos08.article,CST-FIN-curious09.article
-- Gingrich 2012? He's ready and willing - Robert Novak,CST-EDT-novak09.article

-- DIERSEN QUESTION: 34% say they are conservative, 22% say they are liberal, and 44% say they are moderate. Conservatives vote for conservatives, but 1 in 5 self-described conservatives voted for Obama. Liberals vote for liberals, but 1 in 10 self-described liberals voted for McCain. Because Obama is so extremely ultra-liberal, no one who really is a conservative or who really is a moderate would vote for Obama. So why did Obama get so many votes?,0,4157938.story
-- 'Mutts like me' - Obama signals ease in discussing race; topic may gain higher visibility - Alan Fram,0,2627490.story
-- Lindsey Graham: Corruption, overspending and image of 'grumpy old men' cost GOP presidency - Bruce Smith,0,5072060.story
-- Rev. Wright: Challenges remain after 'powerful' election
-- Jeremiah Wright: 'Powerful election' - Margaret Ramirez and Mark Silva
-- Wright: Obama's election 'powerful' - AP,0,7944901.story

-- FRONT PAGE WITH COLOR PHOTOS IN DUPAGE EDITION: Cassioppi and Heap vie to finish Connelly's DuPage County board term - Jake Griffin
-- Next time, endorse a winner: Roskam - Dorothy Troyer, Wheaton =
-- Adolescent America elects Santa Claus - Randy Rossi, Grayslake =
-- Media bias on Election Day - David Van Singel, Long Grove =
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: Andrew Revord of Mount Prospect condemns Republicans

-- Candidates for governor may be many - Mike Riopell

-- BEYOND OUTRAGEOUS: Bill Ayers scheduled as guest of Allen Hall program - Kathleen Fooly

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: VERY SAD: DEMOCRATS OVERJOYED: Edgar wants Illinois Republican candidates, Illinois Republican elected officials, and Illinois Republican party leaders to ignore if not reject the immigration and social planks in the Republican Party platform and the Illinois Republican Party (IRP) platform. A political party, like the IRP, is doomed if it is dominated by people, like Edgar, who ignore or reject the party's platform. Why didn't Edgar's candidate Judy Baar Topinka win in 2006?

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Sadly, it seems that most Illinois Hispanics reject the immigration planks in the Republican Party platform and in the Illinois Republican Party platform. Edgar makes it clear that he, like McCain, also reject those planks. Given McCain's rejection of those planks, why didn't more Illinois Hispanics vote for McCain? If Republicans promised to give Hispanics even more preference than Democrats promise to give them, how many more votes would Republicans get?

-- Cronin makes smart move in trying to recruit former Chicago schools chief - Jerry Moore
-- VERY SAD: VIDEO: Democrats grab three DuPage County Board seats

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Obama promoter John Hallwas demonizes and denigrates McCain supporters as being full of hate, but if Hallwas would read the articles included in GOPUSA ILLINOIS daily emails, Hallwas would see that in fact, it is the Obama promoters who are full of hate.

-- VERY SAD: Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr., speaks to packed Cahn Auditorium - Nathalie Tadena

-- Illinois GOP ignored every tsunami warning – again (Part 3) - Doug Ibendahl
(FROM THE ARTICLE: So let's bring in someone who does get it. Let's invite Sarah Palin to be the keynote speaker for a real State GOP Convention after the first of the year. The misfits who ruined the Decatur state convention and did their part to destroy McCain-Palin's chances will have to be on their best behavior if Palin is around. If they have any shame, they won't come at all. This could really be historic, a true game changer. Anyone seeking to replace Andy McKenna as Party Chairman, and anyone who plans to seek statewide office in 2010 should help Republicans make this happen. Honest candidates are the ones with the most to gain.)
-- It's time for a new generation of leaders in the Republican Party - John Biver
-- A lot of work will be required to regain lost ground - John Biver
-- Political power: Use it or lose it - John Biver

-- It’s Time for Tom Cross to Run for Governor

-- Edgar's Latino Pipe Dream - Adam Doster
-- Schock On MSNBC: "Ready Or Not Here It Comes" - Josh Kalven

-- Marriage Rally and Lobby Day -- Nov. 19th - David E. Smith

-- A Conservative Manifesto - Chris McNeil

-- McCain's Loss to Obama: He Put Personal Popularity With Press Above Nation's Future - Daniel T. Zanoza

-- What Happens to Patrick Fitzgerald Now?

-- The Fate of Patrick Fitzgerald - Thomas F. Roeser

-- Congressional Silver Lining: (AARON SCHOCK ONE OF) 17 Reasons to Celebrate - Mike Bober

-- Media Defeats McCain? - L. Brent Bozell III

-- Post-Election, NY Times Still Smears McCain, Flunks Economics 101
-- The Bankruptcy of the Nation and Conservatism - Cliff Kincaid

-- ABC Allows Jeremiah Wright to Spin Himself as Victim of Media - Scott Whitlock
-- ABC's Claire Shipman Bizarrely Spins Rahm Emanuel as 'Centrist' - Scott Whitlock

-- The Havoc Obama Could Wreak - Joseph F. Connor
-- Obama Takes Swipe at Nancy Reagan - Phil Brennan and Kenneth Williams

-- MSNBC host Chris Matthews: It's my job to see Obama succeed - Jim Brown

-- View From Pittsburgh, PA: Bad Bush, Bad McCain, Bad Campaign = Wipeout! - Joe Guzzardi

-- Paul Ryan for the Republicans - Editorial

-- Vote Results Are Mixed on a Ban on Preference - Dan Frosch

-- Africans' hopes surge with Obama's win Many anticipate a new era of assistance from the U.S., but analysts say such expectations are unrealistic given the two wars and global recession Obama has to tackle. - Robyn Dixon,0,3680522.story
-- Election over, Jeremiah Wright is talking again, now on media and Obama

-- In wake of defeat, Republican leaders rethink message - James Rosen
(FROM THE ARTICLE: Just as quickly, a split emerged between Republican loyalists advocating a purer form of conservative ideology and those urging a less-dogmatic flexibility. South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, the head of the most conservative faction of Senate Republicans, said the Democratic election gains vindicated his hard-edged call for a return to the Reaganite roots of limited government and low taxes. "We have got to clean up, reform and rebuild before we can ask the American people to trust us again," DeMint said. "This election reflects a failure of Republicans to keep their conservative promises." DeMint derided the financial bailout package pushed by President Bush and passed by Congress last month as "a trillion-dollar bust." He urged Republicans to abandon "the Democrat-lite strategy of higher spending and bigger government.")

-- Son: Billy Graham's work with presidents is ending - Mike Baker
-- Billy Graham would like to meet, pray with Obama - Mike Baker
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: AP lowers expectations for Obama

-- One more reason for Republicans to move to Precinct 9 in Wheaton -- all the Republicans on the November 4 ballot who ran for congressional, state, or county offices were elected - Dave Diersen
It makes a lot of sense for people to want to live in precincts, municipalities, townships, and counties where their neighbors share their political beliefs. In addition to prosperity, safety, great schools, etc., one more reason for Republicans to move to Precinct 9 in Wheaton is that all the Republicans on the November 4 ballot who ran for congressional, state, or county offices were elected. Republican Peter Roskam won and he represents the precinct and Illinois District 6 in Congress. Republican Randy Hultgren won and he represents the precinct and District 48 in the Illinois Senate. Republican Mike Fortner won and he represents the precinct and District 95 in the Illinois House. Republicans Grant Eckhoff and Debra Olson represent the precinct District 4 on the DuPage County Board. Republican State's Attorney Joe Birkett, County Recorder Fred Bucholz, County Auditor Bob Grogan, Judge Blanche Fawell, Clerk of the Court Chris Kachiroubas, Judge John Kinsella, and County Coroner Pete Siekmann won and they work for the precinct and all of DuPage County.

QUESTION: Illinois conservatives, that is, Illinois platform Republicans, always want Illinois Republican Senators to cast their votes in accordance with the Illinois Republican Party platform. Which Illinois Republican Senator could and would do the best job of assuring that in his/her role as the next leader of the Illinois Republican Senators?

QUESTION: 34% say they are conservative, 22% say they are liberal, and 44% say they are moderate. So why do businesses, like newspapers and television stations, that claim to be in business to make a profit, constantly demonize conservatism and promote liberalism? Maybe those businesses are not really in business to make a profit. Maybe they are merely agents of the liberal Democrat Party.

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