Saturday, November 01, 2008

Democrat Anita Alvarez for Cook County State's Attorney

Man, oh man, do I rip--deservedly so--Cook County politicians. Especially Democrats. But I will be crossing the party line on Tuesday, and voting for Anita Alvarez for Cook County State's Attorney.

At least down here in what Alaskans call "The Lower 48," Alvarez is the original political "hockey mom." Her son played high school hockey for Fenwick High School.

Alvarez was the lead prosecutor in one of the most horrible criminal cases in Chicago history--The Girl X Case.

Her husband, Dr. Jim Gomez, is a close friend of mine, and based on what I've learned during years of friendship with Jim, as well as with Anita, I can assure you Cook County's five million residents will be proud of the office she'll run when she takes command of the state's attorney office.

Tony Peraica, her Republican opponent, is a strong proponent for Cook County taxpayers. He is currently a member of the Cook County Board of Commissioners, and he's an important spokesman against the incompetent leadership of Todd "Corruption Tax" Stroger. That's the problem. Peraica is using this campaign to run against "Toddler." Make no mistake--Stroger needs to go, but he's not up for defeat until 2010.

Here's another "tip of the hat" for Alvarez. A relative of mine who works for a local government entity is very suspicious of (she's seen a lot of them) Democratic pols, but of Alvarez she says, "She's tough, she's good."

That works for me.

Vote for Anita Alvarez on Tuesday.

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Anonymous,  11:10 PM  

Tony Peraica should of beat Todd Stroger and maybe he really did concerning those problematic new voting machines.

Anita Alvarez is good and will make a good States Attorney.
But I like how Tony Peraica fights the corruption, taxes and spending and speaks truth to power.

We need more elected officials who speak truth to power.

Teresa Sanchez,  10:12 AM  

She didn't seem to have a lot of courage or leadership on police torture, wrongful imprisonmnet of innocent people, or Jon Burge and others who electrocuted testicles and serious explicit racism (including against Hispancis)

1. Peter Troy is a States Attorney who is accused of torture and is a named defendant in the Burge law suits. Kip Owen was also accused.
Peter Troy is a bigshot connected supervisor.
2. Dan McWeeney is an investigator who retired with his police pension and got a sweet job as an investigator because of Jeremeiah Joyce--he was accussed of torture, worked under Burge, and is a defendant in law suits.

Will Anita Alvarez fire and investigate Peter Troy and Dan McWeeney.

Anonymous,  4:52 PM  

I still don't see what is so great about Anita Alvarez. I am concerned about Tony Peraica's temperment and lack of prosecutorial experience.

But Anita is a lifelong bureacrat with very little creative thinking and no real stands on anything. There is very little creativity, analysis, leadership or courage.
Anita Alvarez is a silent Sally.

Maybe elect her husband if he is a good guy.
She has not criticized Stroger, Daley, Devine or Blagojevich or anyone else she might be indicting and is taking help from them.
Cook County government including the Cook County States attorneys office is a joke.

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