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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - November 20, 2008

GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - November 20, 2008

-- VIDEO CLIP: Congressman Peter J. Roskam joined David Asman and Liz Claman on Fox Business' Bulls & Bears to discuss the proposed bailout of the top three automobile companies.

-- Finger-pointing begins as Senate cancels vote on auto bailout as Big Three warn of collapse - Julie Davis,0,7596916.story
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Romney explains what "free trade" really means -- lower pay and lower benefits for Big 3 employees,0,645251.story
-- Former Mass. Gov. Romney reiterates staunch opposition to federal bailout for Big 3 automakers - AP,0,5339801.story
-- Big 3 bailout with a price: Chapter 11 bankruptcy - Jim Kuhnhenn,0,6983898.story
-- Canada says it will provide auto help - Bob Gillies,0,6650411.story
-- Casting agents abound in call to assist Obama - John Kass,0,1963876.column
-- Chicago terrorist captured in DC! - Clarence Page
-- FROM THE ARTICLE: Republican senators made history by choosing the first woman to lead a legislative caucus at the Illinois Statehouse.,0,3107047.story

-- Northwestern University postpones Ayers speech

-- Dow Falls 400 Amid Auto Industry Uncertainty - Joe Bruno and Sara Lepro
-- One More Thing About the Struggling Auto Industry If the government doesn't bail out the nation's Big 3 auto makers, Ford is hoping that a little bit of nostalgia will with its new Mustang

-- DEMOCRATS AND RINOS OVERJOYED: Radogno elected as Senate leader - Nathaniel Zimmer,112008radogno.article
-- Blagojevich is a popular man again, thanks to Obama's empty Senate seat - Rich Miller,111808miller.article

-- Raises in line for DuPage sheriff's office - Jake Griffin
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Bill Hottinger of Glendale Heights outrageously argues that if you say you are a Christian, you are a Christian. However, he should realize that many anti-Christians run for political office. Anti-Christians argue that all you need to do to get into HEAVEN is to elect politicians like themselves who will use government to take money away from those who have more of it and give that money to those who have less of it, that is, elect politicians who will promote anti-Christian socialism, anti- Christian communism, and anti-Christian totalitarianism.

-- Sen. Cullerton is Democratic pick for Illinois Senate President Republicans choose Sen. Radogno as minority leader - Kurt Erickson
-- Cullerton to be next Senate president Republicans elect Radogno - Christopher Wills

-- Big 3: Reciprocal trade rules would help - Patrick Buchanan

-- DuPage panel OKs deputy pay raises - Paige Winfield,dupage-deputy-pay-raises-na112008.article

-- Route around road funding gridlock New funding method may speed help to cash-strapped counties - Steve Lord,2_1_AU20_REBUILD_S1.article

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: The Democrat Party platform is outrageously anti-Christian. Howard Dean brags about the Democrat Party's success in bamboozling "Christians, especially those under 35",CST-EDT-simon20.article

-- “Who, Me?” Catholic Citizens Calls for Boycott of Radical ACORN Funding Group Whom Would You Name to the Senate if You were Blago?

-- Radogno and Cross to lead General Assembly Republicans to new depths - John Biver
(FROM THE ARTICLE: A revitalized and invigorated state GOP is the only way to get from where we are to where we need to be. One newspaper referred to Radogno as a state fiscal expert. We've seen no sign of that. And even if she was, the society that is being created when abortion on demand damages the souls of thousands of men and women on a daily basis will never balance its books. And if we have political leaders who don't even understand that how a person decides to have sex is called "behavior" (and not the equivalent of race or gender), don't expect them to be able to successfully understand how to force changes in the behavior of the taxeating behemoth. A renewed Republican Party is the path to a renaissance in Illinois. Rank and file Republicans who don't think things can get worse, read the newspaper this morning. To match the Obama-Pelosi-Reid fiasco in Washington, D.C., we now have the McKenna-Cross-Radogno disaster here in Illinois. It's time to step up, folks. If you don't, you're going to continue to get the kind of GOP leadership that doesn't advance the platform principles.)
-- The "our schools are just fine" myth - John Biver
-- Barack Obama, Illinois Democrats, and the public school establishment are not going to fix Illinois' public schools - John Biver
-- Education association conference costs and bang for the buck - Chris Jenner
-- How "education experts" keep out reform minded parents - John Biver

-- GOP Senators Pick Radogno - Fran Eaton

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Even though Democrats have controlled the U.S. House and U.S. Senate since 2006 and virtually all federal employees are Democrats who blame all past, present, and future problems on Republicans, Adam Doster blames Republicans for all past, present, and future problems.

-- Lawsuits Proliferate Demanding Proof of Obama's Natural-Born Citizenship before Electoral Vote Count Keyes warns against "an unprecedented and looming constitutional crisis" - Kathleen Gilbert

-- Obama Administration Looking More Like Clinton Third Term - Timothy P. Carney

-- Obama's pesky loose ends -- Erik Rush

-- Democrats, Bush Deadlocked Over Aid to U.S. Carmakers "Representative Peter Roskam, an Illinois Republican, challenged Wagoner and Mulally to essentially forgo pay for a year, as he said he understood Nardelli was willing to do. Wagoner said he had ``no position'' on that. Mulally said, ``I think I'm OK where I am.'' Wagoner got $14.4 million in compensation in 2007, including a salary of $1.56 million. Mulally received $21.7 million for 2007, including $2 million in salary." - Nicholas Johnston and John Hughes
-- GM, Ford, Chrysler Leave Congress Empty-Handed After Hearings - John Hughes and Jeff Green

-- FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD: DIERSEN QUESTION: When will the countries, organizations, and people that drove the stock market down to elect Obama drive it back up again? What if the countries, organizations, and people that drove the stock market down to elect Obama a) have done so much damage that they are not able to drive it back up again or b) never had any intention of driving it back up again?

-- Qaeda Deputy Notes Obama Victory, With Insult - Mark Mazzetti and Scott Shane

-- Black Caucus: No special relationship to Obama - Erica Werner

-- Big Three on the brink - J. Taylor Rushing and Silla Brush

-- GM, Ford, Chrysler, Bankruptcy and Bailout - Todd Lassa

-- GOP Senators Pick Radogno

DIERSEN: Political parties exist to elect candidates who can and will advance all the planks in their platforms. Tragically and outrageously, the Illinois Republican Party (IRP) is dominated by people who are not elected directly by Illinois Republicans. Tragically and outrageously, history has shown that those who dominate the IRP State Central Committee (SCC) a) reject many if not all of the planks in the IRP platform and/or b) are involved in politics for their own personal gain. Tragically and outrageously, yesterday evening, twelve Illinois Republican Senators elected as their leader someone who rejects many planks in the IRP platform. A political party that elects leaders who reject planks in its platform is in big trouble. Until Illinois Republicans can once again directly elect IRP SCC members who have shown that they are involved in politics to advance all the planks in the IRP platform, the IRP is in big trouble.

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