Thursday, November 13, 2008

Those damn immigrants!

Today on Hardball with Chris Matthews, Republican Pat Buchanan blamed the migration of Latino voters to Barack Obama on their poverty, which he claims drives them to back Big Government programs.

"They went for Obama 2 to 1 because 90% of them are poor."

I found that to be a pretty odd explanation, since I don't think that things have changed THAT much for Latinos since 2004, when Bush got 44% of the Latino vote.

Wanna guess what percentage of Latinos nationwide and in Illinois actually live below the federal poverty level?

I'll give you a hint: its larger than the number of people who watch Lou Dobbs but smaller than the number of people Lou Dobbs wants to deport.


Anonymous,  3:09 PM  

You must not be reading the papers. By the time January 20th rolls around 90% of everyone will be poor.

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