Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So who is running for mayor of Aurora Today?

With concerns about the Mayors health have brought out a who's-who of Aurora political figures as possible candidates including Richard Irvin, Mike McCoy, Chris Lauzen and Linda Chapa-LaVia read the full post for more...

So the Beacon says Tom is running for a second term and his health is not an issue.

Well if we take his word for it (a lot of folks still think he is not going to run) then it likely a three person race, Kifowit, Irvin and Weisner. If that is the case I think Tom is going to be tough to beat.

However if it comes down to 5 candidates then we force a primary and it might be easier to beat Tom in a one on one, still going to be tough however.



Anonymous,  3:18 PM  

I read the Beacon article and it doesn't mention all those candidates, but I did see a much more comprehensive list on

Lauzen and Chapa-LaVia would be an interesting matchup.

Anonymous,  6:28 AM  

This would not be a good race for State Senator Chris Lauzen, and I doubt Lauzen has given serious interest to running for mayor. Even if the race forced a February 24th primary, Lauzen's double-loss last February 5th to Jim Oberweis raised serious credibility issues of Lauzen's ability to win a high-profile race like either Congress or mayor of Aurora. Lauzen would better serve himself if he stayed out of the mayoral contest.

Besides, I like him in the state senate representing me here in the 25th legislative district. It will be intersting to see if Lauzen will seek re-election in 2010 for a two-year term as state senator.

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