Friday, November 14, 2008

Arlene Jones: To The Black Community - What Excuses Now?

Arlene Jones from the Austin Weekly News writes a tough column. I'm not going to quote from it. Go read the whole thing.

Let me flip the lecture though back on Jones, and suggest one problem is the Black Community voting lockstep for a Democratic Machine that serves them poorly.

Granted the GOP hasn't offered candidates of late but that shouldn't stop Jones from writing about a need for a little competition in the community. The GOP's failure should make her demand attention from the GOP instead.

That will be tough as long as Mayor Daley and Bill Daley remain every Illinois Republican's favorite Democrats. (I know Jones ran a race against Emma Mitts in her ward but it takes a Party and the best bet is the Illinois GOP.) But the behaviors Jones describes are shared by other peoples too.

What they don't share with Illinois AAs is the rigid loyalty to an outfit that's returned them little. That voting behavior is the behavior I'd start with first, and Jones in a position to start leading it by writing more about it and not reflexively shutting out the right.

She'll find Conservative and GOP bloggers pushing on their sides too.


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