Saturday, November 15, 2008

Daily Herald: DuPage board chief eyes running for state office

Todays' Daily Herald,

DuPage County Board Chairman Robert Schillerstrom is hinting at a possible run for statewide office in two years.

"I'm interested in doing what I can to turn things around (in Springfield), and I'm not exactly sure what that may be at this point," he said. "It may be to continue doing exactly what I'm doing right now, it may to be very involved in the selection of the next slate and it may be to potentially be a candidate. Time will tell on those issues."

Schillerstrom made those remarks during a taping Friday of the WBBM NewsRadio 780 program "At Issue" that will air at 9:30 p.m. Sunday.
Somehow I don't think he's the change the Illinois GOP needs. Follow the comments over at the DH on this story. They're good.


just asking,  4:27 PM  
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Cal Skinner 12:17 AM  

The guy that forced McHenry County's RTA sales tax to triple wants to run for statewide office.

I can't wait.

DuPage Saint,  8:02 AM  

Please let him run for state-wide office maybe that will get him out of DuPage. This man's picture is in dictionary twice next to arrogant andnext to conflict of interest. Go Bob Go (away) Ps can he take Birkett too?

Bill Baar 8:47 AM  

Just asking...sorry... but Illinoize is an Obama free zone, and my post isn't about Obama anyways...

Oswego Willy,  1:35 PM  

Schillerstrom is everything that is not right with the ILGOP. He might as well be Bob Dole thinking he is the "new" GOP.

Schillerstrom is like all DuPage GOP "leaders" that made it past the Pate Phillip era. They are still in the time warp and the "voters" need to wake up and see they are "right". Like Dillard and Birkett, they feel they have the pulse of IL & the GOP, regardless of what the rank and file GOP - VOTERS - want and tell them at the ballot box. A ticket with Schillerstrom, Dillard, and Birkett might as well be Dole/Kemp vs. Clinton/Gore ... so out of touch that the Dems roll to victory.

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