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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - November 9, 2008

-- OUTSTANDING: Senator Carol Pankau to speak at TAPROOT breakfast meeting Saturday, November 15 - Dave Diersen

All Republicans are invited to attend TAPROOT's breakfast meeting Saturday, November 15, in the North meeting room of the Old Country Buffet restaurant at 551 East Roosevelt Road in Lombard. The restaurant opens at 8:00 AM and the meeting starts at 8:30 AM. Attendees need to purchase a $10 all-you-can-eat meal ticket. TAPROOT is honored that Senator Carol Pankau will speak at the meeting. The Senate is meeting this week and she will be in an excellent position to brief meeting attendees on what is happening in Springfield, including competition to fill the Senate Republican leadership position. The many outstanding individuals who have spoken at TAPROOT events in recent years include: Stan Austin, Bruno Behrend, Patti Bellock, Bob Biggins, Joe Birkett, Scott Bludorn, John Borling, Bill Brady, Pat Brady, Wally Brown, John Cox, Dan Cronin, John Curran, John Demling, Joe Denner, Edward Derwinski, Pat Durante, MaryAlice Erickson, Blanche Fawell, Mike Fortner, Steve Greenberg, Gwen Henry, John Kinsella, Peter LaBarbera, Chris Lauzen, Andy McKenna, Jim Nalepa, Jim Oberweis, Teri O'Brien, Sean O'Kane, Pat O'Malley, Carol Pankau, Kenneth Popejoy, Dan Proft, Mike Prueter, Rosanna Pulido, Steve Rauschenberger, Sandy Rios, Jack Roeser, Tom Roeser, Peter Roskam, Darlene Ruscitti, Richard Russo, Jack Ryan, Steve Sauerberg, Brien Sheahan, Dave Smith, Fred Spitzzeri, Rick Stock, Ray True, John Tsarpalas, Sandy Wegman, Jon Zahm, and Dan Zanoza. Phone Dave Diersen at 630-653-0462 or George Kocan at 630-393-6401 if any questions.

-- Both parties face leadership decision in state Senate - Ryan Keith
(FROM THE ARTICLE: On one hand, Republicans have the easier task because their new leader will still be leading a caucus deep in the political minority - limiting their involvement in decision-making. But the newcomer will need to unite the caucus to stand up when Democrats are taking the wrong path and try to build back the majority they enjoyed until 2003, Republicans say. When Democrats aren’t fully united on some issues, Republicans can play a bigger role - with the right leader. “(We need) somebody who’s willing to take the bull by the horns so to speak and to be out there and out in front,” said Sen. Brad Burzynski, R-Clare. Candidates include suburban Chicago Sens. Kirk Dillard, who ran against Watson in 2003, and Christine Radogno, who says she is “definitely interested” in the post. “I have not heard from anyone else actively seeking it,” Radogno said. “Hopefully, we will get it hashed out in the next week or so.” Dillard, though, cautions fellow Republicans not to rush such an important decision. “The Senate Democrats are taking their time, and so should the Senate Republicans,” Dillard said. “And I think we should focus on not just who the next leader is but who will be the entire leadership team that will be the strongest for the Senate GOP.” Some GOP senators think Radogno has the upper hand because of her qualifications and work as Watson’s top budget expert the last couple of years. But there are also questions of whether she’s conservative enough on social issues to be leader. Dillard touts his lengthy experience in the Senate and being more “mainstream” in the caucus on social issues than Radogno. Other candidates include Luechtefeld and Risinger, who say they aren’t lobbying for the job but would consider it if others can’t get enough support. “I’m hoping that we don’t get to that. I’m hoping we can get consensus in the caucus,” Risinger said. Republicans will have an organizational meeting on Nov. 19 intending to pick a new leader and the caucus leadership team, Radogno said.)

-- Seeing Red, Feeling Blue Illinois' conservative blogosphere coping with the week's events - Steve Rhodes "The Illinois Review, which bills itself as the "crossroads of the conservative community" and is probably the best-known politically conservative web site in the state, is as good a place as any to see dismay on display among state Republicans processing Tuesday night's election results."

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Promoters of homosexual activity protest James Dobson's induction into the Radio Hall of Fame. Andy Thayer, Gay Liberation Network: "If you advocate the taking away of rights for a whole group of people, you may be a Christian, you may be any number of other things, but one thing you certainly are is you are a hater, and you are a bigot. James Dobson is a bigot."

-- Not feeling that Obama love McCain voters can't escape the hoopla over president-elect - Gerry Smith and Erika Slife,0,2334330.story
-- CLARENCE PAGE: Was Rev. Jesse Jackson crying tears of joy at President-elect Barack Obama's victory celebration in Grant Park? Or was the civil rights leader weeping in regret that he might now be out of a job? Caught by television cameras, Jackson's tears spoke volumes. It is important to remember that Jackson helped to pave the way for Obama. But, like some other old-school leaders, Jackson has been slow to recognize when to step out of the way. For example, his most memorable contribution to Obama's presidential campaign came when Jackson's whispered wish to "cut his nuts off" was caught by a hot Fox News microphone. Jackson apologized profusely. No problem. His gaffe undoubtedly reassured skeptical whites that Obama was not a Jackson clone.,0,2115795.column
-- Obama transition chief says Bush's executive orders on stem cells, other matters under review - AP,0,5575263.story
-- Patrick Fitzgerald: Obama's new best friend - Editorial,0,56318.story

-- MARK BROWN: In October of 2003, just nine months before Barack Obama would become a national sensation with his speech at the Democratic National Convention and just five months before he would win the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate, the Chicago Tribune took a poll. The poll found that only 9 percent of Democratic voters in Illinois favored Obama for the Senate seat being vacated by Republican Peter Fitzgerald. Nine lousy percent. By January, the picture had changed only slightly. Obama was up to 14 percent.,CST-NWS-obrown09.article
-- Christian fraternities, sororities put faith above partying Parents approve 'You know there's not going to be any wild parties going on' - Jay Reeves,CST-NWS-Frat09.article

-- FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD: Voters push change at White House, but not statehouse - John Patterson and Joseph Ryan
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Daily Herald a) blames all past, present, and future problems on Bush and b) gives advice to its candidate Obama =
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Brien Comerford of Glenview a) praises Mark Kirk for rejecting important planks in the Republican Party platform and b) demonizes and denigrates anyone who supports the Republican Party platform as "being a pawn of the intolerant and divisive right-wing faction of the Republican Party."
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: James Galli of Des Plaines demonizes and denigrates Republicans
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Ed Moon of Wheeling demonizes and denigrates McCain supporters =
-- Obama voters have done the country in - Karen Swanson, Elk Grove Village =
-- Have 6th Congressional District Democrats gotten the message? - Laura Horwitz, Carol Stream =

-- Election spenders, election winners Candidates who raised most money won 90 percent of U.S. Congressional races - Karen McDonald

-- Beltway Republicans led McCain down path to defeat - Patrick Buchanan

-- Obama owes a debt to Paris sex club - and Jack Ryan,110908obamakey.article
-- Controversial Wright breaks silence after Obama victory - William Lee,110908damnamerica.article

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Democrat Party dominated Naperville Sun promotes Democrat Tony Michelassi, the youngest person ever elected to the DuPage County Board. Diersen challenges the Naperville Sun to interview all those who voted in the DuPage County Board District 5 race and a) report on how many admit that they voted for the "23-year-old grocery store photo clerk" and b) report what they say about why they voted for him. Of the 32,124 who voted for Michelassi, how many will admit it? 10,000? 5,000? 1,000?,6_1_NA09_MICHELASSI_S1.article

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Democrat Party dominated Beacon News and Courier News promote Obama promoters Chapa LaVia, Cross, and Foster,2_1_AU09_OBAMA_S2.article,3_1_EL09_A1OBAMA_S1.article

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Democrat Party dominated Herald News promotes Radogno bid to lead Illinois Republican Senators,4_1_JO09_41ST_S1.article

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Political parties exist to elect candidates who can and will advance their platforms, but outrageously, the Democrat news media in Illinois keeps promoting people like Jim Edgar who reject that. The Illinois Republican Party (IRP) platform is "conservative." It is not "moderate" or "anti-conservative" like Edgar and the others who dominate the IRP want it to be. The IRP should promote candidates who can and will advance its platform. People and organizations who reject a political party's platform should not be allowed to hold any kind of leadership role in the party. Rather than working against candidates who support the IRP platform and rather than haranguing the IRP to promote candidates who reject the IRP platform, Jim Thompson, Edgar, George Ryan, Jim Ryan, Judy Baar Topinla, Bob Kjellander, Andy McKenna Sr., and the others who dominate the IRP should form a new political party and call it the "moderate" party or the "anti-conservative" party or the "Combine" party or the "Democrat Light" party.

-- Did 'fawning' media elect Obama? - Chad Groening

-- Conservative Bloggers Feel Spurned - Amanda Carpenter
-- Conservative Power Brokers Strategize - Amanda Carpenter
-- The Culture War and Barack Obama - Bill O'Reilly
-- Did six million Republicans really stay home? Michael Medved

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Because of Obama's election, 1960s radicals predict "rebirth of social activism." They look forward to the day when instead of focusing on following the rules, obeying the laws, getting an education, getting a job, and becoming a productive taxpaying member of society, Americans will focus on becoming community organizers. Community organizers seem to blame all the problems that America and world have on those who follow the rules, who obey the laws, who get an education, who get a job, and who pay taxes.
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: During the presidential campaign, those who promoted Obama made it very clear that they blame all past, present, and future problems on anyone who promoted McCain. Now that Obama has won, those who promoted Obama will demand that Obama punish those who promoted McCain. Groups that strongly promoted Obama include Blacks-95%; Democrats-89%; liberals-89%; Jews-78%; gays, lesbians, and bisexuals-70%; people who live in cities of 500,00 or more-70%; Hispanics-67%; people under age 30-66%; people who are not married-65%; high school drop outs-63%; Asians-62%, and moderates-60%. Groups that strongly promoted McCain include Republicans-90%; conservatives-78%; White Protestants-65%; Protestants-64%; born-again or evangelical Christians-57%; frequent church goers-55%; Whites-55%; people who live in cities under 50,000 and in rural areas-53%; married people-52%; and people age 60 and over-51%. How will Obama respond to demands from his promoters to punish those who promoted McCain?
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Anti-conservatives continue to argue that McCain could have won if he had run as an anti-conservative. What percentage of those who promoted McCain in the primary did so because they viewed him as being an anti-conservative?

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Los Angeles Times points out that Obama's election rally was held in a park "named for a Republican president, Ulysses S. Grant, an Illinoisan who was the final Union Army general of the many named by President Lincoln, another Illinois Republican, to crush the Confederacy and end slavery.",0,961448.story
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: The Democrat Party platform is outrageously anti-religious. Democrats gloat over their success in buffaloing so many "religious voters.",0,6764065.story

-- GOP needs to catch up to Obama's Web savvy - Leslie Sanchez

-- VERY SAD: Cuts on way for Corvette facility: January layoff, production slowdown planned

-- General Motors should file for bankruptcy. Monday

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