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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - November 28, 2008

GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - November 28, 2008.

-- Beliefs that many George Ryan and Scott Fawell supporters seem to have - Dave Diersen
-- Moral relativism is good, the rule of law is bad, and the end justifies the means.
-- George Ryan and Scott Fawell are innocent of all charges and conservatives, that is, Republicans who support the Illinois Republican Party (IRP) platform, caused Ryan and Fawell to be investigated, to be indicted, and to be convicted.
-- Conservatives are "kooks" and "extremists" and they have caused all the world's problems, are causing all the world's problems, and will forever cause all the world's problems.
-- Conservatives must be driven out of the IRP as soon as possible.
-- You must be blindly loyal to incumbent party leaders and to their supporters to hold any kind of leadership role in the IRP, the DuPage County Republican Party, the Milton Township Republican Party, etc.
-- The greater loyalty that you show toward incumbent party leaders and toward their supporters, the greater the freedom you have to violate laws, to violate bylaws, to violate rules, to punish whoever you want to for whatever reason you want, etc.
-- To get into office and to stay in office you should spend most if not all your time a) ascribing evil motive, bad judgment, and lack of ability those individuals and organizations you cannot dominate; b) destroying organizations and destroying individuals that are critical of you; and c) pandering to the liberal news media.
-- Illinois Republicans, especially conservatives, should NOT be allowed to directly elect those who govern the IRP.

-- George Ryan should finish his sentence - Editorial
(THE EDITORIAL: U.S. SEN. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., told reporters on Tuesday that he was thinking about asking President Bush to commute the sentence of Illinois’ former governor, George Ryan, who is imprisoned after being convicted of corruption charges. We strongly urge the president to turn down any commutation request. THE POLITICAL CLASS of Illinois, particularly here in Springfield, has always had a soft spot for Ryan, especially after six years of the arrogant and truth-challenged Blagojevich administration. From former Gov. James Thompson - Ryan’s lawyer, under whom he served as lieutenant governor - to Durbin to Chicago Mayor Richard Daley to the most powerless backbench legislator, they all marvel at how Ryan “always kept his word.” The love for Ryan at the Statehouse is truly a bipartisan affair. Ryan, a Republican, may have kept his word to them while striking backroom deals, but he did not keep his word to the people of Illinois. GEORGE RYAN was a corrupt man who used state government and taxpayer money to enrich himself and his friends throughout his three terms as secretary of state and governor. His brand of pay-to-play corruption did not stop when he and his underlings went to prison. U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald has shown through Operation Board Games that corruption in Illinois is a bipartisan affair and has been pervasive in Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s administration. The message to Illinois’ political class has clearly not been received. That’s one reason Ryan has to remain in jail - as an example and a deterrent to those officeholders who would think that they can get away with it. ONLY THE MOST heartless would not be moved at what Durbin talked about Tuesday - Ryan’s wife, Lura Lynn, explaining to him the effect of her husband’s imprisonment on the Ryan family. It is profoundly sad that this nice lady is not spending her twilight years in the company of her husband, who will not leave prison until he is 79. But there’s a sadder story familiar to many Illinoisans. It is the story of the Rev. Scott and Janet Willis. In 1994, they were driving behind a semi when a heavy metal part fell off it, striking their van and puncturing the gasoline tank. The part threw off sparks, igniting the gasoline and engulfing the van in flames, killing the Willis’ six children. A trucking company official later admitted he paid to fix the license test of the driver whose truck was involved in the accident that killed the Willis children. The bribes went into Ryan’s campaign fund. The Willis story shows that the cost of corruption can be much more than taxpayers’ dollars and cents. THROUGH THE YEARS, Ryan has apologized for corruption that went on under his watch, but he has never taken personal responsibility. On the day he went to prison, Ryan said he had a “clear conscience” and maintained his innocence. Because of his lack of remorse, because of the deaths of the six Willis children, because of the unfairness of a commutation for Ryan but not others in the licenses-for-bribes scandal and because of the message it sends to those who engage in corruption, Ryan must finish his sentence.)

-- OUTRAGEOUS: Blagojevich: Bush should let George Ryan out of prison - Maudlyne Ihejirika,blagojevich-george-ryan-pardon-bush-112708.article
-- Juror: Pardoning Ryan would send wrong message 'I'm shocked that he thinks he's never done anything wrong' - Natasha Korecki,CST-NWS-ryan27web.article
-- Cook County needs to cut spending, not borrow - Nicole Kurokawa,CST-EDT-open28.article

-- OUTRAGEOUS: Ex-Gov Thompson issues news release 'on the issues of remorse and apology' related to ex-Gov. Ryan - Eric Zorn
-- OUTRAGEOUS: Free Ryan, governor says Blagojevich: Bush should release him as act of compassion - Rick Pearson,0,7417336.story
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: OUTRAGEOUS: University of Illinois discriminates against non-athletes,0,5918190.story
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Jonah Goldberg blasts Obama for sending his kids to a private school,0,48677.story
-- Edna Parker, world's oldest-known person, dies in Indiana nursing home at 115 years, 220 days - AP (FROM THE ARTICLE: Parker noted with pride last year that she and her husband were one of the first owners of an automobile in their rural area.),0,4754797.story
-- For Obama, many liberal wish lists await Stymied for years, groups see chance - Mike Dorning and Jim Tankersley,0,7150793.story
-- Obama's donation to his campaign? Zip - Bob Secter,0,4707549.story

-- Rebuttal to letter about Obama's faith - Robert Graham, Naperville
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Outrageously and tragically, the College of DuPage increasingly focuses on creating "good little Democrats." The Democrat Party controlled Daily Herald sides with Democrat operatives who would love the rename the school the "George Ryan College of DuPage" or the "Democrat College of DuPage" or the "Anti-Conservative College of DuPage" or the "Anti-American College of DuPage" or the "Obama College of DuPage." Potential students and their parents should be warned that the overwhelming majority of the faculty despises conservatives, despises Republicans, and despises America.
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Susan Menzimer of Elgin demonizes and denigrates everyone who voted for McCain - does Obama approve of that message?
-- Media out of touch, not the Republicans - Mari Russell, Kildeer
-- Auto industry driven by consumer wants - Peg Olsen, Elk Grove Village

-- VERY SAD: Jim Thompson files George Ryan clemency request with President Bush
-- GM Asks U.S. FAA to Bar Public Tracking of Leased Corporate Jet - John Hughes and Elloitt Blair Smith

-- Don’t Chide Obama for Naming Retreads: The Lefty Moves Will Come Soon Enough - in the Form of Court Appointments.

-- Doublespeak and American Socialism - Cliff Kincaid

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: BEYOND OUTRAGEOUS: Countries, organizations, companies, and individuals that want to take over if not destroy America are overjoyed. Two Brookings Institution "senior fellows" want General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler to go out of business and to sell their all their assets to foreign companies -- to Toyota, Honda, BMW, Nissan, etc. How soon will these "senior fellows" urge America to sell Alaska, to sell Hawaii, to sell the southwest states, to sell the northwest states, to sell the southeast state, to sell the northeast states, to sell what is left of America to foreigners?
-- Pension Agency Sounds Alarm on Big Three - John Stoll

-- Bush ready to go when time comes

-- DuPage Chairman Dan Cronin Declares Victory in the November 4th Election!

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