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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - November 30, 2008

GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - November 30, 2008

-- Young Republicans aim for GOP resurgence - Nathaniel Zimmer,113008republicans.article

-- Dick Durbin misses the point about Ryan - John Kass,0,3254091.column
-- Sarah Palin gets hit on and often - Frank James

-- California Priest: Voting For Obama Could Be 'Mortal Sin' Father Joseph Illo Says Parishioners Should Repent (Includes video clip)

-- Clemency for George Ryan? I have a better idea - Chuck Sweeny

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Greg Hinz presents his personal situation as being typical and uses his personal situation to promote homosexual activity

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Bernard Schoenburg pontificates on Schock and Schock's November 21 fundraising letter
-- Be wary of another New Deal - George Will
-- Where, exactly, will money for all this come from? - Patrick Buchanan

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: DuPage County: Tim West glorifies Schroeder and demonizes/denigrates Schroeder's critics,6_4_NA30_WESTCOLUMN_S1.article

-- Nuclear power - Nancy J. Thorner,5_4_WA29_LETTERS_S1.article

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: "Elgin's Chuck Emmert" demonizes/denigrates/insults Ford Motor Company executives and managers, argues that they caused all Ford's problems
It would be great if "Elgin's Chuck Emmert" would provide a statement of:
-- Which of America's industries you consider to be vital to America's national security and why, and if America's automotive industry is not on that list, why not
-- Direct or indirect ownership interest or other interest that you or any close relative has in any company involved in the automotive industry
-- Your attitude toward unions in general, toward union members in general, toward the UAW, and toward UAW members
-- Your attitude toward people who own American nameplate vehicles
-- Your attitude toward people who own foreign nameplate vehicles
-- Your attitude toward General Motors and toward Chrysler
-- Your attitude toward General Motors executives and managers and toward Chrysler executives and managers
-- Your attitude toward General Motors retirees, toward Ford retirees, and toward Chrysler retirees
-- Your attitude toward General Motors shareholders, toward Ford shareholders, and toward Chrysler shareholders
-- Your attitude toward General Motors suppliers, toward Ford suppliers, and toward Chrysler suppliers
-- Your attitude toward General Motors creditors, toward Ford creditors, and toward Chrysler creditors
-- Your attitude toward General Motors dealerships and their employees, toward Ford dealerships and their employees, and toward Chrysler dealerships and their employees
-- Your knowledge of the automotive industry and how you acquired that knowledge
-- The make, model, and year of all vehicles you own, when you bought them, and why you bought them
-- Your attitude toward the prime target of anti-Americans, the Chevrolet Corvette
-- All items of any significance that you purchased from companies after they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
-- Anything else that affects your attitude toward the American automotive industry
It seems obvious that the next new vehicle that "Elgin's Chuck Emmert" buys will not be a Ford. It would be great if he would provide a statement on each of the following possible reasons:
-- He agrees with those who argue that "nobody" buys vehicles made by General Motors, Ford, or Chrysler anymore
-- He agrees with those who argue that General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler build vehicles that "nobody wants"
-- He agrees with those who argue that vehicles made by foreign manufacturers are superior in terms of quality, design, reliability, cost, etc.
-- He agrees with those who argue that General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler will not be in business much longer
-- He agrees with those who argue that those who drive foreign nameplate vehicles are more intelligent than those who drive American nameplate vehicles
-- He wants to buy from a dealer that is nearby, but nearby General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler dealers have gone out of business
-- He disagrees with those who argue "Be American, Buy American," he disagrees with those who argue that vehicle manufacturing is a vital industry, and he disagrees with those who argue that American should not turn over that vital industry to foreigners
-- He is a "limousine liberal" or he wants to be viewed as being one
-- He disapproves of and wants to punish unions, union employees, and companies that employ union members
-- He disapproves of and he wants to punish the typical General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler vehicle owner -- an older White male conservative Republican
-- He agrees with those who argue that General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, their employees, their retirees, their suppliers, their dealers, their stockholders, etc. should be "punished"
-- He is employed by, owns stock in, or otherwise has an interest in one or more foreign vehicle manufacturer
-- SEPTEMBER 29, 2007 FLASHBACK: The tragic story of Ford Motor Company and Packey Webb Ford in Wheaton - Dave Diersen
Tragically, some Americans want to punish America's automobile industry by badmouthing the industry, badmouthing its employees, and badmouthing its products and by buying only foreign nameplate vehicles. I am a former automotive industry employee, albeit I only substituted for absent employees for four Mondays at Chrysler's Belvedere plant during 1970. As everyone knows, I urge all Americans, especially Republican candidates, Republican elected officials, and Republican Party leaders to "Be American, Buy America" and to buy American nameplate vehicles. I practice what I preach, I have always owned American nameplate cars. The cars I have owned in the past are a 1958 Chevy Bel Air (1964-1966), 1966 Pontiac Tempest Sprint (1966-1968), 1968 Olds 442 (1968-1969), 1969 Dodge Charger SE (1969-1971), 1962 Chevy Bel Air (1971-1978), 1974 Dodge Dart (1973-1974), 1978 Chevy Chevette (1978-1994), 1978 Olds Delta 88 Royale (1978-1996), 1962 Chevy Impala SS (1989-2005), 1968 Dodge Charger R/T (1994-2005), 1993 Ford Thunderbird (1994), and 1997 Chevy Cavalier (1996-2004). I currently own a 1972 and 2005 Corvette and a 1990 and 1996 Thunderbird. I purchased both Thunderbirds new at Packey Webb Ford in Wheaton, the 1990 in 1989 and the 1996 in 1995. As everyone knows, I urge all American individuals, organizations, and companies to not promote homosexual activity. Sadly, since 1995, a) Ford Motor Company has become one of America's leading promoters of homosexual activity (See and its sales and profits have plummeted and b) the service managers at Packey Web Ford in Wheaton have become extremely critical of me. The previous service manager there refused to correct defects in my 1996 Thunderbird and forced me to sue both Ford Motor Company and Packey Webb Ford. In 1998, the court forced Ford Motor Company to correct the defects, I got to keep the car, and I got a check for $6,000. Packey Webb Ford continues to be furious that I won the lawsuit and continues to punish me. Sadly, earlier this year, the current service manager refused to let the dealership work on my 1990 Thunderbird. It is tragic when companies like Ford Motor Company put promoting homosexual activity ahead of making a profit and staying in business.

-- Ford tops safe car list - AP
-- India's automakers rev up for run at U.S. car market - Steve Eder

-- FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD: Local Pillars, Auto Dealerships Teeter as Big Three Decline - Clifford Krauss

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Neal Gabler demonizes/denigrates/insults anyone whoever voted for a Republican,0,2384758.story

-- The Krugman Recipe for Depression Massive government spending is no solution to unemployment. - Amity Shlaes

-- Milton Township Republican Central Committee will have an uncontested slate of candidates for Milton Township offices - Dave Diersen
Milton Township Republican Central Committee members will vote at their December 10 meeting in Wheaton to slate candidates for Milton Township offices. Chris Heidorn has declared his candidacy for Supervisor; Gail Hinkle for Clerk; Bob Earl for Assessor; Gary Muehlfelt for Highway Commissioner; and Chris Edwards, Sal Falbo, Jim Flickinger, and Bob Larsen for four Trustee offices. Marie Jensen had declared her candidacy for Trustee, but withdrew it on Friday, November 28.

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