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GOPUSA ILLINOIS Daily Clips - November 5, 2008

-- A somber GOP 'celebration' "I blame Bush" Party faithful gather to socialize, with little to cheer about - Misha Davenport,CST-NWS-gop05.article
(THE ARTICLE: It was billed as a "celebration steps away from Barack Obama's concession speech" as 200 people turned out for a viewing party hosted by Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica, the Chicago Young Republicans and the United Republican Fund of Illinois. Held on the second floor of the Hilton Chicago, a stage flanked by two high-definition flat-screen televisions tuned to Fox News but with the sound muted. The crowd seemed to be there more to network and socialize than watch returns. When solid red states like South Carolina and Arkansas were called for McCain, there was a smattering of polite applause. Defeats such as Pennsylvania being called for Obama elicited few reactions. It was in stark contrast to the impromptu Democratic party in the first-floor hotel bar visible from a balcony at the Republican gathering. That crowd seemed to cheer or jeer as each race was announced. The second-floor crowd seemed at times to be disheartened listening to the cheers from the official Obama party across the street in Grant Park. Jeremy Rose, political director for the Chicago Young Republicans, said the location of the event was less than ideal but was planned before Obama had booked the Grant Park venue. "No one is delusional," Rose said. "We recognize this is both Obama's hometown and a Democratic stronghold." The official John McCain viewing party was held at the nearby English club, with a maximum occupancy of 250. Rose hoped some McCain supporters would end up at the Hilton gathering. More than 400 people had made reservations to show up at some point in the evening. About half that number were on hand at 8 p.m. as some of the major states began to report their results. Elissa Pancoe, a member of the Chicago Young Republicans and Log Cabin Republicans said she came out to socialize and network. "There's definitely a more somber tone," she said. "I blame [President] Bush. I consider myself a fiscal conservative, and the Republican Party has moved away from that." Dennis LaComb, executive director of the United Republican Fund of Illinois, the oldest independent GOP organization in the state, remained optimistic with regard to several key state races. "We think people are tired of one-party rule in Illinois," he said. "People are ready for change.")
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Countries, organizations, and people that a) blame America for their problems and b) denigrate and demonize America as being racist and confrontational are overjoyed that Obama won.,obama-victory-globe110508.article
-- Why so many pro-life Catholics backed Obama - Andrew Greeley,CST-EDT-greel05.article
-- Bill Ayers speaks - Lynn Sweet
-- Bean, Kirk cruise to re-election in House Challenger Seals falls again to war veteran in one of the most expensive races in state - Lori Rackl and Tina Sfondeles,CST-NWS-congnorth05.article
-- 3 races buck 'change' theme Oberweis loses rematch -- Roskam, Biggert win - Dan Rozek and Chris Fusco,CST-NWS-congwest05.article

-- Democrats win Weller seat, but GOP survives Obama wave in suburbs - James Kimberly, Megan Twohey and Susan Kuczka
-- Democrats strengthen their hand in statehouse - Ray Long and Erika Slife
-- Senger takes 96th House seat - Justin Kmitch
-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Kass advises candidates who lose elections and those who vote for candidates who lose elections to blame themselves,0,7352961.column

-- FROM THE AP ARTICLE: At the Illinois Republican campaign headquarters in Chicago, the mood was subdued all night. Rep. Jim Durkin, co-chairman of McCain's Illinois campaign, said, "I met John McCain in 1998 just before he made his run for president in 2000. I spent half an hour with him in Chicago. I did research on him. I found him to be a man of incredible courage. and he has made a lot of sacrifices for this country."
-- Obama wins over heavily-Republican suburbs - John Patterson
-- GOP congressional Reps fight off Obama tide - Joseph Ryan
-- Roskam retains 6th Congressional seat Morgenthaler questions vote - Marni Pyke
-- Biggins wins 10th term in state House - Justin Kmitch
-- Fichtner, Gonzalez win in DuPage Dist. 1 - Jake Griffin
-- Coladipietro gets second term in state House - Catherine Edman
-- DuPage recorder Bucholz wins reelection
-- Kachiroubas reelected DuPage circuit clerk
-- Republicans Eckhoff and Olson keep seats in DuPage District 4 - Jake Griffin
-- Fortner keeps 95th District House seat - Hafsa Haz Mahmood
-- Froehlich re-elected as a Democrat - Eric Peterson
-- Foster hangs onto 14th District seat - James Fuller
-- College of DuPage student Ton Michelassi wins DuPage board seat in District 5 - Jake Griffin
-- Ramey elected to second term in 55th state House race - Justin Kmitch
-- O'Shea, Sheahan win DuPage 2nd District board seats- Jake Griffin
-- DAILY HERALD DEMONIZES AND DENIGRATES WHEATON AND ITS RESIDENTS, AGAIN: "Richard Sublet, 75, remembers marching through downtown Wheaton in the 1960s to protest banks' refusal to give mortgages to black families who wanted to buy homes in white parts of the city. The Ku Klux Klan routinely vandalized homes of black people who tried to live in white areas across the suburbs."
-- FROM AN OBAMA PROMOTING EDITORIAL: McCain's military service inspired many of his supporters. "Here is a guy I can really admire and respect for what he did in Vietnam," said Pat Brady, Illinois' national GOP committeeman from St. Charles.

-- GOP holds onto DuPage countywide offices - Kathy Cichon,dupage-roundup-na110408.article
-- Holmes holds onto state Senate seat - Tim Waldorf,senate-roundup-na110408.article
-- Judges retained in DuPage, Will,judges-roundup-na110408.article
-- Connelly wins, Hassert loses - Tim Waldorf,illinois-house48-na110408.article
-- Record numbers vote in DuPage elections - Hank Beckman,6_1_NA05_TURNOUT_S1.article
-- More than 1 million ballots cast in Chicago area,6_1_NA05_BALLOTS_S1.article

-- FROM THE ARTICLE: "Certainly we're pleased with the results. I mean, here in the epicenter of Senator Obama's campaign, we held all our incumbent Congressional seats, which most other states can't say." That's Andy McKenna, the head of Illinois' Republican Party. He was up north, celebrating at Mark Kirk's victory party in the 10th District. Peter Roskam in the west and Judy Biggert to the south were the other Republicans to hold on to their seats.

-- Foster handily defeats Oberweis again,foster-oberweis-election-au110408.article
-- Hatcher wins to claim 50th House seat - Rowena Vegara,illinois-house50-au110408.article

-- No to con-con; Will County swings 'heavy D' - Kristen McQueary,elect-mcqueary-110508.article
-- Halvorson beats Ozinga in 11th District race - Nathaniel Zimmer,elect-congress-110508.article
-- Hassert voted out - John Ryan,elect-staterdp-110508.article

-- Democrats capture three seats on the DuPage Board - Jim Jaworski,do-dupageboard-110508-s1.article
-- Froehlich prevails in 56th - Todd Shields,sc-56thfinal-110408-s1.article
-- Reboletti reelected in tight race - Jim Jaworski,em-46race-110508-s1.article

-- Senger takes 96th House District seat - Paige Winfield,illinois-house96-na110408.article
-- 22-year-old Democrat elected to DuPage County 5th District board seat - Katy Chichon,dupage-district5-na110408.article
-- Chapa LaVia, Cross cruise to victories - Dan Campana and Christine Moyer,illinois-house-rdup-au110408.article
-- Biggert ekes out win in 13th District,biggert-harper-na110408.article
-- Kane GOP holds onto offices,kane-roundup-au110408.article
-- Kirk and Durbin win re-election,kirk-beats-seals-110408.article
-- Voters pick Duffy over Gentes, keep Link - Ryan Pagelow,state-senate-26th-duffy-gentes-110408.article
-- Lake County: State rep. incumbents win in 7 races - Ryan Pagelow,state-representatives-incumbents-110508.article

-- Democrats grab three DuPage County Board seats

-- Democrat Halvorson takes 11th Congressional District from Republicans - Kurt Erickson
-- What does Obama's victory mean for Illinois? - Kurt Erickson
-- Schock wins 18th District to become youngest member of Congress - Mike Riopell

-- Senate minority leader's stroke worse than initially reported - Kurt Erickson

-- DIERSEN HEADLINE: Ray Hanania will not be happy until all Illinois candidates, all Illinois elected officials, and all Illinois political party leaders are anti-conservative. Hanania should acknowledge that Illinois is almost at that point. But wait, when the last of the conservatives are gone, then who will the anti-conservatives blame all their problems on?

-- Highlights of election day in Illinois - AP
-- Illinois Democrats pick up 1 GOP seat in Congress - Deanna Bellandi

-- After stroke, Watson steps down as Senate leader - AP

-- FROM THE COMMENTARY: There are plenty of things we can take away from this drubbing. Most importantly, Republicans need to view this as a cleansing. A clean break from the past. We need to focus on new ideas, new energy, and new priorities. Among them are our new media campaign(s), ideological rigidness, and crafting an Agenda for Illinois that resonates with voters. The immediate reaction from the right wing of the ILGOP - the Family Taxpayer Network folks - will be a “blame the Combine” scream. Other folks like Dan Proft and Fran Eaton will say that we need to return to the core tenets of the party platform where we can appeal to the base. To be perfectly honest, we can’t discount their opinions any longer. We arrived where we are with some help from George Ryan, but also because what we’re doing as a party simply isn’t working. Now, I’m not willing to throw in with those guys completely, because their knee-jerk reaction is to point the blame at Party Chair Andy McKenna and insiders like Ron Gidwitz and Governor Jim Thompson. “Those guys caused this.” That’s a natural “outsider” reaction. However, it is NOT the answer. Sure, the leadership is at fault, but there are deeper problems than who’s name is on the letterhead for the ILGOP. I’m not as concerned about the “head” of the party as I am with the “tail”.


-- Senator Luechtefeld says Watson’s stroke worse than was claimed

-- FROM THE ARTICLE: Perhaps the most important statistic for conservatives to keep in mind today -- as pundits pore over and pour out exit-poll data to tell us What It Means -- is this: 53 percent of Republican primary voters did not vote for John McCain.

-- Kevin DuJan, Chairman, DeMcCrats for McCain in Illinois, a "lifelong Democrat" who supports McCain Finally Found - P.J. Gladnick

-- FROM THE ARTICLE: “I voted early just because I could, but I think it’s ridiculous," said Alice Richards, 65, of Wheaton, Illinois. “I was at a mall - the Stratford Square Mall - and there was a place where people could vote early while they were shopping, so I did.”

-- "Black Panthers" Intimidate Voters in Philadelphia - Mark Whittington

-- Republicans Turn to Rancor, `Bloodbath' After Election Shutout - Catherine Dodge

-- Ayers, Dohrn, and Obama: Same Polling Place - Amy Chozick
-- OUTSTANDING: California Votes for Prop 8 - Tamara Audi, Justin Scheck, and Christopher Lawton

-- McCain: 'The failure is mine, not yours' - William Douglas

-- Obama votes, so does Ayers and Dohrn - Christina Bellantoni

-- Bill Ayers Speaks - Peter Slevin

-- Mr. Ayers’s Neighborhood

-- Daley Machine goons threaten Andy Martin in the voting booth

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