Saturday, March 11, 2006

Judy Baar Topinka - Everyone’s favorite life-time Smoker (and a footnote on yesterday's immigration demonstration)

My Guy at the U of I tries blogging. Here's from his first post on the Illinois Gov Race,

Finally, on to everyone’s favorite life-time smoker and Republican front runner: Judy Baar Topinka. For a large spectrum of reasons I love JBT. Not only is she from Riverside, a town which has been very kind to me, but a distant friend of the family. People like her in many circles, and she appeals to moderate Republicans and conservative Democrats alike, enhancing her voter base statewide.

Around these parts, Brady may have been considered an early favorite, but her recent commercial featuring former Gov. Jim Edgar eliminated doubt of her victory. (On a side note, it really amazes me how people celebrate and worship Jim Edgar like he is such an able politician. He was a mediocre governor at best, and yet everyone loves him. It’s like Jimmy Carter, everyone finds him so lovable and tend to forget his disappointing and unsuccessful Presidential term. What makes people completely change their opinion of someone once they leave office, is it because they no longer fear their ineptitude? This still puzzles me.)

Regardless, the fact that she is a woman and her political views, coupled with Blagojevich’s ineptness these past four years will make her Illinois’ first female governor. (I can remember a year ago when Blagojevich spoke at a rally for the Illini basketball team and was soundly booed by the audience. It was hard to hear him over the protests). Honestly, I think she will bring credibility and honesty back to the Republican party and perhaps turn the tide of Democratic thinking in this state. I really like Judy’s political views, or maybe it’s her red hair, either way she’s got my vote.

Rich posts on yesterday's immigration ralley, and Freedom Folks --who've had strong feelings on immigration-- posted this.

Not many other Illinois Bloggers talking about it as far as I can tell.


So I'm done breaking rules for the weekend.


Anonymous,  8:43 AM  

Bill, sometimes not blogging is ok.

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