Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Election Day, March 21, 2005 Kane County, Illinois

Just got back from voting at precinct 5, Campton Township, Kane County Illinois. Election workers told me the turnout was good so far as of 10:15 AM. No problems with the new push screen voting machines either.

I'll try and do some live blogging later today and will update here.

Also maybe try and get over to Joe Pena's HQ in East Dundee or the County Democratic and Republican offices.

Did get a kick last night from Oberweis's commercials of JBT and Ryan doing the Polka together. I don't get the impression it persauded the two other voters in this household to go for O, or that it changed the minds one way or the other about JBT.

Update 2:39 PM: Looks Joe Pena's supporters are Illinoize readers. They just emailed to say they had read this post and to let me know Pena will be at Riverview Banquets on RT 38 in Geneva starting at 7:00 p.m. They say there should be wireless access and I'm welcome to blog from there.

I like Pena. He can use statistics without seeming like a green eye-shade guy. I heard him speak at Campton Township a few weeks ago and he rattle off all the staffing per shift for the Kane County Sheriff for the past year.

Update: 4:43 PM: CLTV just showed video of Edwin Eisendrath helping an election judge extract her finger from an optical scanner. She looked a little pained. Rich Miller is reporting some problems in Cook County. CLTV said expect the counting to take longer in Cook because they're merging too different systems. Paper with optical scans and touch voting machines.

Update: 5:04 PM: Diane finds St. Clair County Democratic Central Committee says ...under no circumstances is money from the party to be used to pay for votes.

Update: 5:11 PM: Duckworth workers overhead at the Starbucks in Elmhurst. Wish I had known and could have gotten my kids some work.

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