Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Teresa Bartels Withdrawing from 8th Congressional District GOP Primary

Teresa Bartels, a woman who helped build a thriving personnel placement through Manpower franchises in Lake and McHenry Counties, has announced her withdrawal from the 8th congressional district Republican primary.

According to an Associated Press report, verified by her office, Bartels is doing so because of

the inability to compete with the spending of her opponents, along with a desire to be fair and considerate to her volunteers and donors, as reasons for her withdrawal.

She says she does not feel it is practical to compete with the one million dollars or more some of the other candidates are willing to spend.
Already, opponent Barrington Hills resident David McSweeney reported putting just under $1 million in his campaign, as of the beginning of 2006. Kathy Salvi has indicated a willingness to spend a similar amount, if necessary.

Salvi, issued the following reaction statement:
Teresa waged a strong campaign for the values we share - lower taxes, reduced spending and commitment to pro-life and pro-family values. I was honored to share the stage with her at public forums where she helped demonstrate how a strong conservative woman can defeat Melissa Bean. I've seen my share of heartbreaks and I know this has been a tough decision. I send my best wishes to Teresa and her family.
Bartels’ withdrawal strengthens Salvi’s chances, because now she will be the only woman in the race.

McHenry County Blog covers the 8th congressional district race.


The Colonel,  6:48 PM  

After a very shaky and unsure start, Kathy now has a chance to make it a real horse-race with McSweeney.

McSweeney needs to try and convince the 'also-rans' to get out and support him.

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