Monday, January 30, 2006

Brady's Polls

From a Brady Press Release,

The poll of 600 likely Republican primary voters, conducted Thursday night by veteran pollsters McKeon & Associates of Joliet, showed Brady with 13 percent of the Republican primary vote. Others were Judy Baar Topinka with 29 percent, Jim Oberweis with 17 percent and Ron Gidwitz with 11 percent. Thirty percent were still undecided.
The results of the poll reinforce a Zogby poll earlier this month that showed Brady within 10 points of Rod Blagojevich, 46-36. Topinka trailed the Governor 40- 39, Oberweis 48-37, and Gidwitz 46-34.
I wish they'd give us the margin of error with these polls.


Anonymous,  9:52 AM  

the margin of error is 4.9 % that is very high for 600 people. This is the same numbers that Oberweis put out. (in the margin of error)
Who did he poll? Voters , likely voters, I believe the lower numbers because he has done nothing to bring the numbers up, no mailings or television, or radio.

GOPJay 10:52 AM  

Topinka "trailed" the Blago by 1 point? I think they call that a statistical dead heat!

Anonymous,  11:13 AM  

Now, these I believe. Those last numbers from the SJ-R seemed out of sorts with the rest of the poll numbers.

Anonymous,  11:27 AM  

I do think these numbers are roughly accurate, in that they track other polling, at least to the extent that Topinka is a frontrunner and Brady is closing on Oberweis.

I do think Brady will pass Oberweis, though he will need help to catch JBT, particularly after Gidwitz folds, which I think will be in late Feb. JBT will pick up over 50% of Gidwitz's support.

Anonymous,  12:55 PM  

Brady's support among Republican voters drops like a rock when they find out Brady voted FOR in-state tuition for the children of illegal immigrants. So helping to make Illinois a magnet for illegal immigrants.

Brady also voted FOR allowing that I.D. card to be used by illegals.

Needless to say, Brady hasn't been forthcoming on these issues to voters, but the word is getting out.

The Colonel,  5:05 PM  

Brady also voted "YES" for +$240 MILLION in local municipal utility taxes;

"YES" to increase the school foundation level by +$396 MILLION during the state fiscal crisis;

"NO" to the Cook Co. Assessors successful '7% Assessment Solution';

"YES" for additional employment protections for Day & Temp Labor services, of which many are part of the 300,000 'illegal aliens' in Illinois;


"NO" to Tax Referendum Reform, that insures taxes are extended only to amount approved by voters.

Anonymous,  6:40 PM  

What did Oberwies mean by no "Net" tax increase yesterday in the debate?

Political Hack,  7:54 PM  

Any one in the business will tell you McKeon's polls are good for one thing. Toliet paper.

Anonymous,  8:26 AM  

Hey political hack, I've been in the business for years and have worked with McKeon twice and both times found his numbers to be right on target and his follow up strategic advise to be even better.

Political Hack,  11:58 AM  

Anon 8:26--bet he told you what you wanted to hear. I stand by my post. I wouldn't hire him to do my kid's school council race.

Anonymous,  9:16 PM  

Now all of Oberweis' attacks on Brady make more sense. He's running scared.

The lame I.D. card thing about illegal immigrants passed both houses unanimously. Why? Because it was a law enforcement-supported bill intended to better track illegals in the face of real border security concerns.

I also find it interesting that Oberweis offers NO solutions to the immigration problem he seems to want to hammer Brady with. It's pretty easy as a perrenial candidate with no record to throw bombs. We all know he can yell. It's much more difficult to offer substantive solutions. THAT we have NOT seen from Oberweis, because he's not ready for this job.

In the face of Brady closing the gap without really spending a lot of money yet, the Oberweis herd running around throwing out "Brady has no signs"...."Brady has no organization"...."Brady has no money" ... are showing them for the clearly dillusional individuals they are.

All you have to do is drive down or up 55 from Springfield, anywhere in Mike Bost's district, and a load of other places around the state covered with Brady signs. Give it up, Oberweis. I think it's becoming apparent that you're the real spoiler here for conservatives....not Brady.

Anonymous,  10:35 PM  

I live in central Illinois I see no Oberwies 4X8's.

Anonymous,  5:21 PM  

I really like Brady, but if someone doesn't get out soon then Topinka is going to win and I will not vote for brady in the future.

everyone I know wants him to run for the US senate, but if he splits the vote in Topinka gets in the same people are all saying they will not support him in the future.

Anonymous,  10:47 PM  

Their are Oberweis yard signs all over the place in Quincy.

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