Monday, January 30, 2006

Senator Lauzen's live blogging

He's doing it now here. And it works pretty well. Check it out. He deserves a lot of credit for doing this. I think it's a nice example of how the GOP reacts to the licking they've taken in Illinois. It creates room for the creative people to step forward.


Bill Baar 5:49 PM  

Lauzen on Lt Gov race, Howie, For Lt. Governor I enthusiastically favor Senator Steve Raushenberger because he's clean, even after 14 years...he works around the clock for constituents and his colleagues in the Senate, and is expert at producing good. For Governor, I haven't decided to endorse anyone yet, however, I appreciate both Gidwitz and Oberweis because I think that Gidwitz can do the job effectively and Oberweis is closer on the social issues. -Chris

Bill Baar 5:54 PM  

Senator Lauzen on Education. He's committed to blogging like this agian,

John, Crucially important question. I suggest that we devote the thrust of next Monday's Blog to that subject and your ideas. However, for now please take a look at SB2793 found at, which requires that 65% of funding must go to classrooms, the initiation of a Downtown Chicago pilot program for Education choice that treats children as individuals, not buildings and districts only as we currently do. That legislation combined with SB2696 on funding should start us in the right direction. I agree with you that the tax-swap idea is a trap...we'll get the income tax increases, we won't get substantial and permanent property tax relief, and our children will do no better academically. Perhaps more next week. -Chris

Bill Baar 6:00 PM  

I don't think Sen Lauzen believes there's much truth in Blagojevich,

Sir Paul of Naperville, so good to hear from you. You probably already know that it is the Governor's constitutional duty to propose balanced budgets including the Pension Unfunded Liability. I feel that so much of my work along with Rauschenberger, Fitzgerald, Syverson, O'Malley and so many others in 1995-1997 was flushed down the drain by Blagojevich and his ruling majority allies this past Spring. When the going got tough, these guys just replealed the laws we had put in place, i.e. Truth-In-Pensions and Truth-In-Budgeting. I'm looking forward to running for Comptroller or Treasurer at the point that either I can honestly raise $3.5M that it takes to get your message out or we adopt public funding for campaings. -Chris

ndpotus 8:15 PM  

Is it within the state ethics law, for Senator Lauzen to work on his political blog from the floor of the Senate???

47th Ward,  9:12 PM  


If it isn't within the state ethics law, we should all demand it be amended tomorrow.

I don't remember ever having agreed with Sen. Lauzen much, but this was a smart, gutsy thing to do. And he did it very well.


Bill Baar 9:41 PM  

Take a look at his whole blog. Just two posts including the live blog one from today, but this is pretty thoughtful stuff.

Post-it 11:16 AM  

ndpotus, Lauzen writes a newsletter called "Voice from the Senate Floor" that informs readers about issues being debated on the Senate Floor. I don't think Lauzen means to suggest he actually writes his newsletter (or blogs) directly from the Senate Floor. Although, that may be more productive than listening to some of the Senate "puffery".

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