Saturday, January 28, 2006

Dupage Political Landscape

Oberweis sign along St Charles Road in Lombard. I saw two more for Roskam but there was too much traffic to stop and take pictures.

Numerous Lindsey Scott signs in Glen Ellyn and Wheaton. These were along Geneva Road. I didn't see any signs for Cegelis or Duckworth.
A Zaruba sign along Geneva Road.


Anonymous,  10:06 PM  

What's the point?

Anonymous,  10:06 PM  

In Galewood, there are a lot of Michael Nardello for state senate signs. However, he's probably gonna have to count on a big turnout in the Northwest suburbs to go along with probably 75% of the 36th ward vote if he expects to beat Harmon's Oak Park/Black Ward base.

Bill Baar 8:08 AM  

anon: I was surprzed by all the Scott signs.

Other point is I got my first digital camera an Northern Illinois looks awfully gloomy in Jan.

Anonymous,  3:44 PM  

All the scott signs? You post two, that's supposed to be a lot?

Bill Baar 7:01 PM  

geez anon... there's a limit to how many Scot signs I can post, or care to photograph.

Drive down Geneva Road in Glen Ellyn and Wheaton.. they clearly had been at work setting them up.

And not a one for Cegelis or Duckworth.

But then it's Wheaton.

Anonymous,  12:04 PM  

Dumbest. Post. Ever.

Bill Baar 9:49 PM  

Check Carl's post on yard signs in Proviso... serious stuff in the near west burbs.

Larry Horse 12:56 PM  

hahaha, those crossed out signs are awesome! Thanks for the link!

DePaul4Obama 5:49 PM  

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