Monday, January 30, 2006

Is Testicular Virility Nothing More Than Classic Political Puffery?

From the Trib

Facing lawsuits from fired prison officials who say Gov. Rod Blagojevich broke his pledge to keep good employees, lawyers for the state offered a surprising defense: His promises were "classic political puffery."

Ok it is a proud moment for any leader when attorneys take what you say and refer to it as "classic political puffery".

One follow up question then. Were Gov. Blagojevich's comments about his testicular virility' "classic political puffery"?



Levois 11:11 AM  

Classic political puffery. I guess he unlike most other politicians is actually being honest for a change.

Anonymous,  4:02 PM  

Blago doesn't have the balls to say balls. He says testicular verility. Bushisms embarass me, but Blagoisms are as bad.

Can you say "indictmentory"?

Anonymous,  10:04 AM  

wait until the Dominic Longo lawsuit gets to depositions, Rod will get eaten alive

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