Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Cell Phone Flameout

I promised yesterday on Capitol Fax to write an article on abortion and human rights today. Unfortunately, my cell phone has crashed and I have to spend part of the day replacing it and getting the data transferred over. So I won't have the piece done until late tonight or early tomorrow.


Abraham Lincoln 11:13 AM  

Is this the 21st Century way of saying the dog ate your homework? :)

Charlie Johnston 12:06 PM  

No, Abe, it's the honest to God truth. The screen on my phone burned out - so I can't access any of my phone numbers - and I have a ton of calls to make. I've got to go to Schaumburg to get the data transferred from my phone to my SIM card, than over to Arlington Hts. to get the phone replaced. I'm behind the 8-ball because I couldn't access phone #'s of people I needed to be calling last night and this morning, so I'll be busy all day.

And the dog said the homework was mighty tasty!

Daniel Darling 1:26 PM  

Charlie, this is a story that can only happen to you. Just another one you can share with an young, up-and-coming politico.

Charlie Johnston 4:03 PM  

Well, the cellphone is replaced, but somehow it would only transfer one number per name in my phone book, so I have lost a lot of numbers. If you know me and call me, please leave your callback number rather than assuming I have it.

John Ruberry 8:29 PM  

Usually when transferrring cell numbers from an old phone to a new one, only the primary numbers carry over. Sounds like you had a Nokia.

Charlie Johnston 9:31 PM  

I had a Motorola for the last 8 months,which I had loads of problems with. Before that I had a Nokia which I rarely had problems with. My new phone is a Nokia.

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